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A Smoking Caveman Forcing an Elephant to Eat Shit

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109 points

Thomas being taken hostage

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51 points


Preview 2d1d8f6e c2d2 438e 9e91 20d5bd91b457
55 points

Just a simple Jocker quote

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69 points

Great pic

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43 points

GOT THE JOB! Gonna be a Conductor in Jasper Alberta!!!

Preview b25f75b0 acbd 45fc bcf1 85538dd1e149
50 points
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Abandoned railway in Australia

Preview 750da03a 25a6 47dc 8892 5c042fcff271
94 points

Train station in Denmark

Preview e367c7dc 02ef 42b3 8ca9 bc887afa29a1
73 points

Street art

Preview 11eaeec9 b053 4bfa 8928 763230972ac0
60 points

Choo choo

Preview 78f2ada1 dea2 46e2 b4e9 c93febbdc10e
85 points

First time riding the NYC subway and it was not a forgettable experience

Preview 5e75f012 002c 474d 8b13 1c11415fcec3
94 points

I just found this place

Preview ad622630 7413 4d0d af77 956bfcea77f5
52 points

Forgot to reposition the camera to take a jump pic, looks like we hung ourselves

Preview 09d61273 aad2 42e5 af6a facdf6a188cf
49 points

Yungas road, AKA Death road, in Bolivia

Preview 235f8186 eea1 478a 8e15 2272ccd83859

I went to Milan to create a frame for this photo. Live frame.

Preview 944484d9 72f4 4f7c a932 8afb9e12926e
48 points
Preview 598bcfdf 7ba4 4c8b 9059 e96857f2df2d
108 points

So this is Eclipse. Every day she leaves her house by herself, and takes the bus downtown to the dog park. She even has her own

Preview 0ef62d63 14a4 428e bb9b 8095d6d32d0a
103 points

Why isn't anyone using our bike lanes?

Preview 0a80cb3b 5140 4bcd a920 d3d12c308eec
14 points

Renaissance Ninja Artists....

Preview 01bbf771 5ddf 46fd b4ad 545c52d6587d
17 points

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