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You guys ready? - alright, say "Cheese!"

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40 points

Straight up used his brothers head as a seat to get a better view of outside world

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'Nam flashback

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59 points


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71 points

Little brothers, amirite?

Preview 52caaace 4469 4220 97c5 6e5b45d69f8d

The greatest chew toy of all time.

Preview d1c4023a 460b 4357 a49c a3d2d4b42ef6
57 points

To the battle

Preview be838f7f 9a94 4869 b7e6 b8fc7d67a840
46 points

My dog looks like she’s a floating head

Preview 3fd88228 84f3 417d b400 0266ef464c14
40 points

His face when I brought out his toy

Preview a1547528 95b6 4aad accd b50369cc9fb2
38 points

Hey humaaan, I'm from Australia

Preview 6fc40ac2 c379 4a55 b4bd 63c737a8a591
17 points


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I caught Tucker at the perfect moment

Preview b9097651 a860 4cb8 9d4e 7c79c4bb11dd

Dog on dog

Preview b8aaa0d3 fd99 439d b600 718fd68b15db
20 points

Omigod is that for me?!

Preview 2ebc319b af17 499e 8c01 b6c65728d18f
16 points

My reaction to the posts in fresh

Preview a851ed9b e2c6 43db a4b7 b7e1b5db7e05
23 points

That's not a bird...

Preview 2c7fb9d5 1cec 414e b2f8 16a61bc20c89
17 points

Would love to have one uninterrupted poop. Just once

Preview 25189390 35e7 4367 8643 6ef7217be0af

Happened to all of us at some point in life

Preview 2593954b 7194 48b7 a6b9 dfb7df0adf1c
21 points

I'm safety boi

Preview 0449d89b 4815 4cff 8975 08dd7bb3c2ea
14 points

I feel like I own them some explanations...

Preview 88c4b26a be47 430d 910b f2c86a5d8952
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