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Sujan Azad Parikh - OMG, Please don't Notice Me

Preview 6b510684 f3a2 4f48 972b fa48de2f6f5b
172 points

My cat will not stop stealing my dirty underwear, nor will she release it after being caught red-handed.

Preview 1735e9d3 f036 4c0e b399 c62f64b8a247

Watching a little bird outside

Preview 5527441e 9b03 49ce 9661 d08813f80ebd
86 points

Die bix

Preview 14e388ef 6ade 47f4 8d9d 9c571d719b31

"Six callers ahead of us Jimmy"

Preview 9441a50f 1fdb 4f6b 980a 4fd4e6641b11
94 points

Kitty is flying high

Preview 1f202308 9556 4570 abb8 34b63c853093
77 points

This laptop takes a picture of whoever wakes it up

Preview 437bf3b8 9cc4 468b 83a4 2dced4a044fe
87 points

My name is Aidan. I am old and usually very sweet, but last night I pooped on my dad's leg.

Preview 05fc6ba5 be89 4faa a461 d4f51b204fb5

This magnificent cat

Preview 5af6ae48 fa02 4a5e 88f1 2d874540cca3
53 points

I guess I'm done with my coffee then..

Preview 1f437501 38e7 4f8d adbc 08c4f0e57016

A sneaky boy

Preview 17a37b83 80ec 4c40 b2f2 31f20a9b0c39

If.... I.... fits.... I SITS

Preview b30db501 401d 4f12 8771 c125ff489ca7
83 points

Underlying overlords

Preview 24ca83eb 2726 4ab8 8c93 b23544173a67
85 points

All he ever wanted was to be human

Preview eb1b142c 9074 4caa a49a 58f106ecc9e7
130 points

“The defendant stated that he shot himself because he didn’t want to go to jail...”

Preview a9675ba5 c425 4f9c a4ad 08c79b824a10
124 points

I hope she found what she was looking for...

Preview d8ea0c8e 7a8d 43b3 b034 6392282b968f

Princess with her beans up & ready to attack!

Preview 0bc8fab1 7bd2 48e1 a358 383aa43ee1f4
90 points

Funny cat is thinking about his lord.

Preview 7156fca8 a2a4 406f a59f c21bd4022de6
78 points

This man is a legend

Preview 5db7b8f2 c5c5 49f9 9dd9 ce2bfa3e23fa
97 points

This is genius!

Preview 18b8480e 31f4 4aea 8610 059a40e613fa
112 points

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