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A high quality snout

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Good boy

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10 points

That's a good pupper

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10 points

Son makes a heckin good hat

Preview f40d4d60 46c2 4f1c 9615 76de7088f04a

They´re not going to make it to Hot, but meet my Good Boys (Belgian Malinois & Elkhound (with vitiligo))

Preview f1ad5d34 af8f 40d9 9139 bef879c3bf99

Everytime you open the front camera

Preview 51d6112b 708a 484c ae41 e3c8650d2490
13 points

Graphics matters

Preview 9478c7e0 4edc 4535 804d 2c0b4503ca3f
8 points

My awesome rescue Thunder Dog!

Preview d2286089 8b5f 4940 86b7 3f1525666d65
14 points


Preview a2794a7a 5fe0 4375 a386 f79d4e5f8581
62 points

Recovered so well. Mashmello.

Preview 0ed02a95 6e6e 4285 9f86 082401e8a56b
58 points

Actually, I crunched the numbers again. Aaaannd, it looks like you can afford more treats for me.

Preview c3273a1b 584e 4390 a221 0bfee2c7f2de
10 points

My most cate in the world.

Preview 3591ad3a 3585 474d 903a b8948d984b65
61 points

Yes,I can hear them

Preview f6bcb243 ae82 4bc9 ab96 42ad2a613c92

Oh crap

Preview 50c26da3 ce23 4db2 8256 3d5f5ec8ff98
8 points

Nee from the day she came home to almost a year later

Preview 675fcd9c c9e9 4ac2 984b a30ff373c479
10 points

B O Y E does a evolve

Preview 92cc0086 aa40 4348 bdab 1104ff37eb35
11 points

Call my people please.

Preview 5d5a74d1 e6cf 4622 abef 894fbcadb169
13 points

What have you summoned upon me?

Preview e2b830fa c069 4a4d be47 3eea6fa5b339
8 points

Perfect resting spot

Preview 0774f73a 1a24 44d0 9da8 f0f96d4f0342
8 points


Preview 95431a5f abfa 4dc1 9f82 c09791186115

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