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I saw this chick on Judge Judy who didn't know she was Garth from Wayne's World.

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118 points

Took this photo of my girlfriend and our cat tonight...

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113 points

Flour shower prank on boyfriend

20 points

*picks up crying baby*

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92 points

A beautiful fountain gown

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The moment my son realised what true heartbreak is

Preview 51e3fe93 6d8b 4998 bef6 e834abed4fee

I make a girl pregnant at age 20 prank on my Nepali grandparents


The long arm of the law

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79 points

Prank My Girlfriend During “Blindfold Taste Test Challenge”

12 points

I see no difference.

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92 points

Happy Easter!

Preview 1e11bc08 7845 4816 a262 9d155996a446
68 points

Sold my husbands Xbox prank!!!


Facial reconstruction on a child with Crouzon Syndrome

Preview 799077c3 a67d 4a80 b116 e3fa8f7c4205
99 points

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Preview 7f8f15b1 a304 4156 addb 790427469ede
104 points

water prank! GONE WRONG

82 points

In honor of Valentine's Day, here's a photo of me and my wife on the happiest day of our lives..

Preview 45821116 21df 4c9b b55c 4ed721923e99
134 points

got my gram a new apron for her 90th birthday. this is the moment she realized what was on it

Preview f48f3dee f805 4f01 8bf5 1199145b76c2
111 points

Finally Got My Dad To Sleep

Preview b771ac6c c782 472d 84ba 0690f035c21b
106 points

Macbook pro prank on my little brother.

19 points


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86 points

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