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For over two years this has been my favorite picture of both my dog and my girlfriend

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Korean Artist Depicts The Sensual Side Of Love In Gorgeous Illustrations

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95 points

Some philosophical shit...

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47 points

Chloe is a b*tch

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7 points

My sister, my brother and I are huge fans of Harry Potter. Each one of us decided to highlight one of the deathly Hallows. Hope you like it

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57 points

Couple did an '80s-themed shoot for their engagement photo and it's fabulously awkward

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17 points

How to deal with kids

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17 points

Ugh...... Every time

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91 points

They grow up so fast...

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14 points

Woof woof

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49 points

No thanks, Mildred.

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12 points

*dies in fresh*

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9 points

The real Mr bean daughter

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83 points

Emma's a b*tch anyway.

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13 points

Pizza is sharing, pizza is caring

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14 points

Rabbi was excited at my friends' wedding

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59 points

He's the real MVP

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10 points

Butterfly Shakib Khan Subhasree

Preview 3650a8aa 2fe1 4dcd 94e1 004e76bb6f9e

Experience get from mistakes

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13 points

well i surely didn't expect this


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