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That's a good question

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54 points

Santa looking like hes gonna risk it all

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73 points

Oh Noo

Preview 821e797c 0029 4fbf bb1d 8b25cc3776a2
60 points

That's me!

Preview 0384f61d c523 45ae a7ea 1424e5025586
56 points

A friend got engaged and it looks like she’s wearing a hat

Preview 2ba79ef0 7e15 4735 a3b9 cb1c529dd783

Sorry for cancer

Preview d4df8dab 3e95 4656 9413 f0c2d1a464fe
22 points

Other way around

Preview 2a3f0cac d7a6 45d3 afb4 a28374db6d72
47 points

One Question

Preview e3eb3626 3812 42fc ad30 c55f6ecccf71

This made my day😂

Preview 4b0fe920 087e 4342 86c7 ae40bd356c9a
79 points

Sucking daddys thumb

Preview 0d3a7e2e 3ff6 430e b560 ba04f971fcca
67 points

Grandma 2016 vs 2090

Preview 3f0d3a20 808c 49c4 8e74 4a457a234eba
36 points

Me opening up to others

Preview 0ed70303 c1f9 4bce aeb1 9a0b69f297fb
20 points

'Tis the season of giving <3

Preview db6a02da 1ef7 4521 b2e9 214c11843bb7
14 points

My gf and I trying to take pictures at the beach

Preview c893429f c692 4c33 8ea1 9c19f0f112d4

The photographer was on his game when my husband decided to screw off in between poses! It’s gonna be our Christmas card :)

Preview c529cc24 0526 4c91 b416 1c5d550da26f

Once upon a time...

Preview 6c6efc31 67c7 407f b810 16f0cf37f2aa
66 points

Don't worry I'll drop you soon

Preview 4aaaeca4 acb9 44b3 851c 3374e05df088
19 points

Why women can never understand what a man is thinking about while on idle mode.

Preview 7884c173 cde7 4863 bd02 022c34fb46a4
23 points

Faceswapped my brother and my daughter. I will never stop laughing at this.

Preview 8340e8d8 d740 45e0 92ee fe6fcac2fe75
18 points

Woody Harrelson's father, Charles Harrelson, was a contract killer.

Preview e503f2c4 389f 4d22 9999 e595faf0487d
78 points

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