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The Corgi seed is strong

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23 points

I like you very much

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22 points

Its a heckin tripod squad!

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78 points

Couldn’t imagine life without her

Preview 21d09d94 519a 4dbf a8d2 1818855473aa
76 points

Snuggle Buddies For Life

Preview 5ab05335 e1a6 4830 abf0 53abbf88a8a2
24 points

Got it mid blink

Preview 1b9de76e 88eb 479a a764 1eff9f026ddf

Stealth 100

Preview 40a36098 636c 4160 a13a 4a839233470b
20 points

Doggo breaking news!

Preview c88bf108 7158 484c 8808 92d6deed2e04
20 points

Omae wa mou shindeiru. Nani!!!

Preview ac20631a 5633 4698 a383 9169b8e17fad
95 points

Share with the other dog? Where?

Preview 46591127 6cd0 4b6c beec 88d05005cf12


Preview 3b9bc8c5 14c5 4072 acc3 c174577c1d1b

Pls mr hand ur doin me a concern

Preview bdac3051 f2e0 4565 88b6 7d1f3a91be28
15 points

Shouted Dad to bring my phone charger downstairs.. He told me to "call the dog"

Preview 747bf33e d80d 44a4 ba9d d4aca33592a3
19 points

Undercover Corgi.

Preview c0357844 dd8e 459a 99ae 978f1e156170
63 points

Undercover corgi

Preview 5f5b0e60 11cc 43cd 9ad8 b63cf3d68aeb
20 points

Me Acting Naturally Around My Crush..

Preview 1a58d159 7fd0 4084 9b03 5895aed8022e
4 points

All my friends are non-metal, but I am very metalhead

Preview 0de01345 f66a 4e5c 8d85 b156dff61101
3 points

He just sits!

Preview 3fc5c47a 6b4e 4ae8 aea3 063f8788176d
4 points

Corgi mixes are kind of just disguised Corgis

Preview 9f01eefa 5449 4540 bd83 4e9f74fbccd8

Friends are important

Preview cc3f355f 12ff 4d1a bc50 ba8375c5e9eb
13 points

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