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Got cut off today

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10 points

Atrium House / Tham & Videgård Arkitekter, Sweden, 2010

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16 points

Double height living room with an open second floor used as a library surrounded by the garden, Pinheiros, São Paulo, Brazil

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14 points

Bathroom in Cap d'Ail, France villa

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17 points

Apartment at the Ile St. Louis, Paris

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50 points

Entertainment room in Atlanta mansion

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83 points

Giant Googley Eyes. Best Purchase Ever.

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46 points

Model condo on the 58th floor of One-57, New York City

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26 points

Aged Houston Studio

Preview d6edc5f8 e20a 40cc 8a94 a613f7da3bf8
31 points

Comfortable modern living room overlooking the Pacific in Malibu

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22 points

Light streak

Preview 6d98e216 62de 43ba af99 81216ac48a92
87 points

Tuning love

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131 points

Comfortable penthouse overlooking Manhattan at 432 Park Ave. Interiors by Kelly Behun

Preview d80efb7d 0675 4d66 aed1 534d67071e2e
73 points

Simple dining area with a view in a rustic cabin on a gently wooded site that slopes down towards Lake Vermilion, northeastern Minnesota

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62 points

When having pizza at the ready is most important ...

Preview b09bb4f9 3b4d 479e 967f 0490b0bc29cc
91 points

One of the wings of a residence centered around a three-sided hearth offering a panoramic view of rolling hills surrounding Stowe, Lamoille County, Vermont

Preview f1f8a99f 958c 4710 9b6f cbedf8dadd62
23 points

My makeup sponge!

Preview 50457fd3 9131 490d bea8 ef61f6aa365f

Sitting room in a lodge at Mombo Camp, Botswana

Preview 4b93b5c0 b629 4dbb b61e 871e0c88c2ab
41 points

Chalet Cragganmore in Chamonix, France

Preview 1173e268 4673 43a3 90b2 937e862316ba
67 points

Just moved in, still unpacking. Nap zone.

Preview 8af96414 9b78 44f7 9ba8 959bc7738fef
82 points

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