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Connecticut Farmhouse's enclosed Porch features Reclaimed Barn Wood, Granite, Handmade Brick + Victorian Windows

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15 points

Bedroom in a 1978 house constructed out of reclaimed timber and outfitted with various repurposed ship materials in Bainbridge Island, Seattle.

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19 points

Open air vaulted ceiling living room with a view of the landscape, West Vancouver, Greater Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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22 points

Modern White Kitchen, Bay Area, US

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15 points

Steel frame extension to a renovated house bringing natural light to the dining area, Bangkok, Thailand

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14 points

Black kitchen with concrete countertops and an industrial skylight window

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18 points

Grand staircase in Californian Mansion

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24 points

The MA House located in Tepotzlan, Mexico.

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16 points

Windowed living room in condo overlooking the river Thames in London, England.

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15 points

My type of place

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17 points

Herringbone floors and marble slabs in this kitchen near Toronto

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19 points

Cosy hotel room in Paris, designed by Jacques Garcia.

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14 points

Santa Monica Canyon Spanish bungalow [2048 x 1365}

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10 points

San Antonio

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18 points

Living room and balcony with quite a view in North Saanich, British Columbia

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17 points

Loft apartment with a large bookshelf and reading area, open kitchen and dining space with ebony flooring contrasting the white finishes in São Paulo, Brazil

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19 points

Tropical Minimalism: the Solis Ηouse by Renato d'Ettorre Architects. Hamilton island, Queensland Australia. View 1.

Preview 2a58f6a9 d478 494c a12f 1f2746f31925
15 points

Plenty of Serenity just 20min* from Bustling San Francisco. On Market for $3.5million.

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12 points

Right angle.

Preview fbc63488 9533 4a08 80bb 3fc8bff6b813
16 points

Riad Yasmine Hotel in Marrakech

Preview 9345c712 5c45 4d99 a9b1 fd501952cc15
11 points

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