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Sophisticated Bedroom - Berkeley, CA

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17 points

I saw about half a Mercedes driving down the road today.

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18 points

Wooden bedroom in the woods with a view of the Colico Lake, La Araucanía Region, Chile

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12 points

A Totaled Eclipse

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21 points

Blue views from an oceanfront estate, La Jolla Shores, CA

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15 points

My boyfriend puts magnets on the back of twisted tea lids. I had fun while he was at work today.

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82 points

Looks like something a pedophile would drive

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13 points

Nothing too spectacular, but our bedroom is starting to feel really cozy!

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11 points

Room in Moscow, Russia.

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5 points

Cozy Kitchen

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5 points

Could you imagine a side impact wreck?

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11 points

Living room at One57 in Manhattan

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10 points

Clearwater House in Niseko, Japan | by Seshimo Architects

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14 points

Kitchen in a penthouse at 432 Park Ave in Manhattan .

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24 points

Shower with a view, or can be viewed.

Preview f558fb54 b27a 4e57 91b0 a56a4bf8b958
15 points

This living room has a lot of character.

Preview 5d27aae1 bd9d 4107 b336 b61d43feeb2b
79 points

Living area featuring hardwood floors and an assortment of furniture from the 1950s through the 1970s in this villa located in the hills of Rio de Janeiro.

Preview 1eaf8b6d c8e6 46a1 8983 2e02d13c0ebd
16 points

Then I think WTF!

Preview 3bbf10bf f493 4eb1 add2 485fee5d669b
17 points

Open kitchen with a vaulted ceiling and large central wooden island in this home in Big Cedar Lake, Wisconsin.

Preview d91857d7 7079 460e 824c 04d74fad73b3
18 points

Interviewer:Why don't you tell me about yourself?

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104 points

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