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So me!

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138 points

How Not To Get Shot In Milwaukee

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157 points

The real American Horror Story

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112 points

I don't think Walmart really gets it...

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108 points

Level 5 Goose Warning

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112 points


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111 points

Damn geese

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The size of this moth

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110 points

I have questions...

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118 points

Don’t freak out, but I’m in the hospital

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137 points

painting the Eiffel Tower in 1932

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Saw a country boy in the suburbs today. I think it's like two or three cars welded together.

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101 points

My old high school art teacher: Real or Fake?

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129 points

Carwash in Chelyabinsk, Russia.

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101 points

Someone’s not a Vikings fan...

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100 points

Gotta love when the chainsaw goes all sentient.

Preview d3c246d0 8534 412d ab17 74487db72755
136 points

This couple wanted dust in the air for their wedding photos, the best man made it happen...and then some

Preview 19075880 f4a8 4ff5 9254 9bb8f2c7fa5e
171 points

Runaway train hits the water

Preview e9b904ea 899f 404a 9c47 9e82b894e6e8
128 points

Sign of the night at our season ender alumni game

Preview 5bc9ac91 dcc7 40ac be79 845930114602
120 points

A couple of unfortunate skaters.

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130 points

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