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Russian Transformer

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Russia survival vehicle

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14 points

Just some bike

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15 points

This kills the Tahoe

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7 points

This man doesn't love his kids

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14 points


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Guess I'm not getting my oil changed.

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11 points

How to hide a cell phone tower in Arizona

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9 points

How to hide a cellphone tower in Arizona.

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2 points

Train derails after rails stolen

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2 points

So, this isn't how you're supposed to paint prep your vehicle?

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17 points

My new bike (:

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16 points

Mother protecting it's baby.

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1 points

One tire to rule them all..

Preview 66fbe0a7 6dac 4993 a77f f3d63991a591

It's Working!

Preview 5d3d3b4a 7d56 402d 94ce 5b8a20989cb2

Update 2: Got it running, time to start body work

Preview 10615c6c 09fa 47c8 9163 b4ce88376305
6 points

It was a pickup.

Preview df7173b2 a4e4 4994 926a 01cb537664a9
4 points

What happens when you hit a can of starting fluid with a lawn mower.

Preview d475eb17 60b4 4cb1 bc49 7c8009ff6c0a
11 points

Works for me

Preview bd857a5c 5ea1 4e78 9aff 68763c60e3ca
3 points

Nailed it. Argh... screw it

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