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The most redneck wedding in southern history.

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69 points


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14 points

Glad to know it enjoys it

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74 points

When you ask what else could go wrong today

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20 points

Caught a sock mid-way into the sock dimension.

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20 points

Some people just shouldn't operate equipment.

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38 points

Man I wish I had one..

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24 points


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Couldn't be more true

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30 points

Some heroes don't wear capes

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100 points

Today is my birthday and my boyfriend decided to put the cat into partymode

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15 points

How to prioritize

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20 points

Herbal medicine advertisement in ghana

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39 points

One of the best Christmas decorations I've ever seen

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66 points

My little sister bought a car and it was stolen in less than a week, her roommate sent me this

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92 points

Panda diplomacy

Preview 29e49876 2191 44b1 adc7 4e3811284182
39 points

This Chinese farmer invented the original backup sensor - it emits a loud squeal when his wagon is too close to an obstruction

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23 points

Control Room for the Seafloor Production Tools of a deep sea mining operation

Preview 51488db8 5f11 4482 b7dd 72ea5cfdbef2
23 points

Jeep packed in a crate for shipping to the front lines of WWII.

Preview 5536b8a4 9fe7 4412 a315 7b5e1d41b859
23 points

Roses are red, butter is creamy,

Preview b9655ee0 f92b 4b04 b261 337376132d0f
65 points

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