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Literal Bat Phone.

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23 points

Don’t you just hate it.

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60 points

My boss accidentally cut her iPhone in half with a hydraulic paper cutter.

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58 points

Meanwhile in Tampa Bay, Florida...

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19 points

Two great things in one

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23 points

Oh come on

Preview f6962ade 28b9 46b6 9ef1 29c0c5224e40
84 points

A six pound iron ball smashed through both his breastplate and backplate

Preview 831d4938 c65f 49c4 8553 fbb85b8f9b0b
92 points

Local Starbucks very excited for their one year

Preview d95cc855 42a6 4477 8de9 d1d4f31d8f4c
17 points

My husband sent me this picture. This is happening in the parking lot next to his truck.

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19 points

This revolver.

Preview 2da09cb5 b4aa 4383 ab5a 3a2a857c97ea
81 points

The front fell off...

Preview 5a5ed3f4 dd2c 4516 8a92 c25c5370e8a0
16 points

I'm a transformer :D

Preview d26aa99d f4a6 417c af49 61d59300b265

Took me around 10 hours to paint, any recommendations?

Preview 2a4477e5 5ba8 44ec b6ee 5b5849659bfa
18 points

Bullet in your head


She may not look like much, but she's got it where it counts

Preview f2bdff3e f47d 480e 98a7 e09fd268e262
72 points

Car porn #1

Preview b7ce16a8 e3a7 416c 8b30 edbb9b16030c
84 points

1900 Train Crash at Harcourt Station, Dublin

Preview af170a02 ef8a 410a 9a82 e4068a0e2cff
20 points

Old mcBatman had a farm

Preview da8adff9 96b5 427f b71a ee8161917dc3
18 points

Drive Safely... - YouTube


Bro, do you even lift?

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