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I really hope they let us choose this......

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103 points

What could go wrong if I just leave it up?

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85 points

The most redneck wedding in southern history.

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96 points

Top quality shit right there

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74 points

Tried to upright a dump truck, ended up befalling the same fate

Preview 5aeb9658 4c4e 4f74 9533 294bcfa23bcf
69 points

Roses are red, butter is creamy,

Preview b9655ee0 f92b 4b04 b261 337376132d0f
85 points

The Irony

Preview f6538aad f9d1 4cf5 a7ab d9389a6024bd
48 points

if you're young, this might go over your head

Preview 17aa9584 e35a 460c 9202 6384f82f3d68
80 points

The front fell off...

Preview 5a5ed3f4 dd2c 4516 8a92 c25c5370e8a0
76 points

Perminant marker. I understand you're angry, but paper would have sufficed.

Preview 737a5bc2 dc7c 4606 8133 b964854b6986
122 points

1900 Train Crash at Harcourt Station, Dublin

Preview af170a02 ef8a 410a 9a82 e4068a0e2cff
62 points

How to mess with someone's head.

Preview 0c5fd947 e5c0 4fd1 8650 a6eba4a2ec6e
94 points

The most redneck wedding in southern history.

Preview f09b488e c021 43ec 82f4 bb05d70ff447
149 points

I heard you like knife's. what kind of knife is this?

Preview 4a9601ec 6927 42de 9572 0863cd4637d9
19 points

What a time to be alive!

Preview cc7f4103 4174 48b0 ab23 05589a2e93e4
15 points

Me while diffusing a bomb

Preview 737eb37e feef 4f79 acf4 0cd0c365e102
18 points

Watching Earth from Space stream when suddenly.....

Preview c284f24a 5466 4d85 be78 9add570fb933
16 points

Give it what it wants

Preview 7b537693 d289 4124 9efd 8352b4166639
51 points

This man doesn't love his kids

Preview 26ce1289 46a3 4129 ad51 0773160672a8
44 points

A whole new level of false advertisement

Preview 31aaaa81 19ca 4c8b 8734 30fe5556ad59
100 points

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