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The front fell off...

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16 points

Perminant marker. I understand you're angry, but paper would have sufficed.

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84 points

1900 Train Crash at Harcourt Station, Dublin

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20 points

How to mess with someone's head.

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15 points

I heard you like knife's. what kind of knife is this?

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5 points

What a time to be alive!

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2 points

Me while diffusing a bomb

Preview 737eb37e feef 4f79 acf4 0cd0c365e102
10 points

Watching Earth from Space stream when suddenly.....

Preview c284f24a 5466 4d85 be78 9add570fb933
6 points

Give it what it wants

Preview 7b537693 d289 4124 9efd 8352b4166639
22 points

This man doesn't love his kids

Preview 26ce1289 46a3 4129 ad51 0773160672a8
19 points

A whole new level of false advertisement

Preview 31aaaa81 19ca 4c8b 8734 30fe5556ad59
80 points

Picture of The Chainsmokers piano

Preview 6042fad6 85c3 486c bb7f aca5fd394b95
15 points

How to hide a cell phone tower in Arizona

Preview a186101b a715 45aa 9637 f2aeb3dff5d7
16 points

How to hide a cellphone tower in Arizona.

Preview f976a7d7 2349 4dc4 bc35 06f029c836fa
6 points

Leaked photo of the Chainsmokers production studio

Preview 5c59c453 823f 4cb0 a877 44dfbcff7a80
17 points

Uh... thanks for the warning?

Preview 9e5c17ef 5824 4157 af47 0a7aaa2d0951
18 points

Tried to photograph a colorful tractor. Realized I actually photographed a sad cyborg sitting in its engine block.

Preview 74c35c14 2fc1 41bb b289 156923025c12
16 points

Mother protecting it's baby.

Preview c83f33f0 3736 4af1 8081 0443d197de51
12 points

This is the Internet, Jen

Preview 02f3f006 9719 4f37 869b d0dc3184e8c8
11 points

My friend didn't know what one of his cards meant, so he looked it up...

Preview 55595e1e da9e 4f56 814b a4b71d203ac1
11 points

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