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"And then I shit out a tomahawk missile"

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64 points

The life you save could be your own

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69 points

The 60s are back!

Preview 0bcab5fb 0619 4bf2 b51b 0c54c5ab639e
80 points

Violence is the only Answer

Preview 5127a894 85a7 4edf a930 fe5d226f1999
107 points


Preview 7328f995 b98a 4a6f bf3c 01da83d038f1
85 points

Super Bowl Selfie

Preview fbc91ba2 2a81 4aab 885b 344e6ecbaaf1

He screams all the time

Preview da580c77 0611 4984 ba9a 62be6eb764ed
75 points

Imitation is the finest form of camouflage.

Preview c15e9a01 b952 41d3 a074 1ad20448d7fb
85 points

Only way marijuana kill you

Preview d7e59b88 9e78 4011 a5ff ed09b49efa21
93 points

So that's what happened.

Preview b65ec1d8 8821 4d90 bcf3 544331048891
89 points

Looks like I'm up for a crazy weekend

Preview c8b5ec06 d468 4f6f 999d 0b32a4ab9e35
84 points

Top ten saddest anime deaths

Preview 5c8a845e 74f0 41da 8e96 67aa93881bc4
103 points

Fixed it

Preview ab1326f0 89a0 4870 b771 5108fc2aa5de
92 points

Every Thanksgiving my Grandpa does this to gross out my grandma

Preview e4a4fea6 085a 4dd2 a0bf 5957f7670c66
107 points

When your twin's ghost pops up behind you all interested in your business...

Preview 1fc26010 bb5e 42b4 8938 71bfc38a62c4
112 points


Preview 2792aa40 f47a 41de 9ac3 7cf44f243dec
80 points

You had one job...

Preview 2c098c09 0b54 4300 aa1d b83621d5cc0e
91 points

The alpaca business must have hit a rut.

Preview af15c4c2 2a2c 4d47 b769 f714929e0550
73 points

Logical Spock is logical.

Preview 558ad608 b386 4923 85b9 9a7ca36a450a
89 points

Review of "Young Sheldon" in the University of Rochester student newspaper

Preview 35f83966 3708 414c a7d5 f11204910983
70 points

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