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Logical Spock is logical.

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73 points

Review of "Young Sheldon" in the University of Rochester student newspaper

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62 points

Damn you Jesus!

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17 points

Jay Z with the blessings

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Anyone interested?

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Don't read this

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15 points

Press F to pay respect

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58 points

I think I'm in love with her

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23 points

Nature's oldest rivals finally put to the test

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53 points

The more people buy now condoms the less people will buy them in the future.

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76 points

I am not a rookie

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66 points

Oh shit, its time to go!

Preview d665e9a2 b9f2 4e6f a05a 296d7165d0ef
49 points

Sounds kinda gay to me.

Preview 6093ad8d 4b9c 43b0 bd18 b7ae21936d63
98 points

How am I supposed to believe what you say if you behave like a child?

Preview 577f971a 3393 4c4a 80aa 9f30fd2ce790
24 points

Marilyn Manson

Preview 8809c8a4 9105 416f b085 afe22f2c20bd
62 points

Please don't drink your piss!

Preview b2036e7f 3268 4a31 af3d 4481f207bc20
24 points

But only whites owned slaves right?

Preview b903803d 2671 4a51 9f54 91553905a822
24 points

Hanging out, down the street...

Preview b4c1841e e4e3 434d 8209 6be32b5d6ac4
84 points

This appropriate advert on the other page

Preview 4fe7f4fb 6401 4a08 b966 80b6b7968534
62 points

Oh the irony....

Preview b7f7ca93 a491 4b2c 8570 6fcbf7561b7c
74 points

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