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doggo says "Luv new daybed mum!"

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A-a-and we got ya'

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54 points

Welcome to the real world!

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86 points

It’s a bird, it’s a plane! No wait, it is a bird.

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Sometimes you gotta throw the whole restaurant away.

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84 points

7 course Irish meal

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103 points

They said he couldn’t, yet Elon Musk delivered again

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85 points

Sorry for any inconvenice.

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83 points

Neighbor rolls a phat J right on the sidewalk

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110 points

Your first home in Minecraft.

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79 points

Someone in my neighborhood was getting angry because people were pissing in front of a building where he lives. He ended up hanging this sign

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96 points

What is love?

Preview c9ba696e 2d89 4d41 92ce 2e3ddfab832f
60 points

Their feet can barely touch the pedals...cut them some slack

Preview 14658de9 fe4f 428f a619 7de0e3b4453b
50 points

My Dad makes my step mom take pictures of him doing weird things when we have record breaking low temperatures

Preview 39956244 3f8f 4982 810c 91f9f31ce3be
102 points

Bored in line at In-N-Out, these construction workers tried to see what they could reach with their measuring tape.

Preview 0dd40ff9 939a 4ee3 95e4 3047fc0b52b9
87 points

Sighted in Epsom, England.

Preview d58b0fa1 5d82 4fca bc8a 17d233d40d97
59 points

This Kindergarten in Brazil

Preview 9e37a8b8 9732 4de8 8177 f13128d099f6
74 points
Preview 04058816 90d9 44c6 bad9 60bddbd67c7a
122 points

Couldn't have worded it better myself.

Preview f102ba7a 2706 4bc2 932b b161d4b70a01
126 points

checking email irl


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