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Feels like Monday

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No eyes are prettier than the Slavic eyes.

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Not a redhead, but still a color trifecta. My eyes have all three natural eye colors.

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Pretty Blonde Girl

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55 points

Life gave you lemons

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60 points

Girlfriend super glued nails on boyfriend while sleep !

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Pranking grandma almost got my ass beat


Worst Charlie Chaplin mask ever

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3 points

Beware of puggywise


Johnny Depp Rips Off Donald Trump Makeup Is Definitely A Scene Straight Out From A Horror Movie!


Let's see how many of you can get this

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4 points

I don't know why but I'm strangely attracted to her..

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Caption this

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8 points

According to all known laws of aviation...

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Destroyed my girlfriends makeup prank

136 points

How People Define Beauty Around The World Is Amazing To Know

325 points

Women's Ideal Body Types Throughout History (NSFW)

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573 points

Blogger Reading Mean Comments About Her Dogs Is So Funny

385 points

WATCH: How Many Balloons Will It Take To Make A Dog Fly?

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