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Could not be any happier...

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Took a picture of my friends cat jumping out of her arms

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101 points

He really didn’t like The Green Mile

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Game, Set, Match.

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94 points

"I forgot how to dog"

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126 points

When the two friends you introduced to each other start hanging out without you.

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134 points


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Preview 8bc0d81a 409a 43ff 9fcc a1bfa2163d35
125 points

safety first

Preview c845e1aa cddb 4c5b a344 17e72fd70603
88 points

I'm bulking!

Preview 5275eb2a 36b8 455c a4aa c432c569ff99
122 points

Me good boi hooman

Preview af86591c 9526 4595 a30a ba2a936e0490
280 points

I regret everything

Preview 528fca27 44ad 4e92 87bb 3c92638ae111
107 points

Meet Sasha, who has voluntarily agreed to remodel my entire yard

Preview e888c514 b7c8 4092 9493 b0e2c71b3522


Preview 44a7be30 36b9 4129 8437 6547b2941494

When you leave your dog at grandma's house

Preview 2d57677f fd9b 448b aca7 3e3ec7288fd2
178 points

Let me brush your teeth!

Preview 88522bea 9099 4617 a58d 0e4207a7a1ef

Wife decided to take family photo of us... dog decided nah

Preview 2c0f7715 5def 4134 a7fd 823294445bfb
88 points

Please explain

Preview 4776e047 c635 46cc 97ef a56381d1f1bd
99 points

My dog run out of Ink while giving birth

Preview e309a866 9404 474c 8255 72487589e8ef
110 points

Somethings never change

Preview a1fcf668 caf7 4b69 aeb4 588e4f9b1284
109 points

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