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That'll do

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56 points

bet you don’t got your PhD for that

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20 points


Preview d5660451 37e0 41d1 aaa2 3b82728d20a5
70 points

The ultimate betrayal...

Preview 6aa2c64a 5196 4943 9556 d36aeddb1c4a
46 points

The Queen knows

Preview c51ac655 6821 4373 95e9 bc1776a27847
79 points

I got stung in the eyelid by a wasp

Preview b2c8cc44 848c 4c19 b249 b8d48124c840
22 points

Deer me .

Preview ec99c1d1 0fa1 4cd7 81cc 5935176540c1
73 points


Preview facc7ee1 6eda 4171 9545 dbc79e66cc9a
83 points

Not All Heros Wear Capes

Preview ec1e07f7 9543 4389 a944 6aba6b827208
89 points

0 - 0

Preview e73f3dc8 d03a 4d16 9fd9 4e98c1f0aa19
82 points

Baby Looks More Like Ed Sheeran Than Ed Sheeran

Preview fc62953a 4ada 4ea5 b58c 129c1b3124f0
114 points


Preview 0d22ff13 94ac 44f1 bbb3 0308d69bae5e
90 points

Don’t test me

Preview ab9eee82 f1cf 47ec 88eb 16c5cc76c8a2
107 points

This guy on Rodeo Drive

Preview 2fae53e9 85e1 426e 955a 01824c8bb198
126 points

Because shes the...

Preview a83639d0 c3c5 4a4d 8acf 0116c92bdaac
108 points

Caught a lady through the train gap while taking a selfie

Preview aea2a85e 9c21 42bc 8b3c 928a75d958d5
121 points

My son usually only reveals this form when he isn’t getting something he wants.

Preview 8f767f24 8380 4961 957f 6d3af65bf5ef

Having 100,000 link karma and 6,000 comment karma

Preview 7218d2f0 e643 453f 96c9 1330e7976963
99 points

Know your timelines

Preview c5c31dc4 610d 4fa5 93c4 dc1041d6fec5
100 points

This Japanese album cover looks like they're about to fuck this old lady up.

Preview f9acc6e0 2fca 4c99 9678 32617939fb12
108 points

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