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Why Russia hates Germany

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23 points

He's not dead yet folks!

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21 points

My cousin works as an EMT. If you misspell a word you have to wear the C-Collar until the next person messes up

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21 points

Kinda messed up

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21 points

My niece looks like she wants 4 fried chickens and a Coke

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13 points

After eating some edibles

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22 points

Happy St. Patrick's Day

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62 points

When I feel sad, I just pull this up and laugh.

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I don't wanna grow up

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Democracy in Russia

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24 points

Sneaking in a quick snack

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54 points

Hi hungry, I’m dad

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62 points

That’s a good looking hat

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88 points

Just doing the job right

Preview 12fd8224 ba17 42b1 afe3 75ae5b0562c8
91 points

Family feud in a nutshell

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95 points

The shoe kills me every time I see this

Preview b02faeb7 6cdf 427b ba23 34e39a74662d

Adorable before & after pics of kitten growing up too fast

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93 points

Barry it

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82 points


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83 points

When Windows XP froze so you’d drag the window around

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