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Since everyone is discovering Shoebills I want them to know they are cold heartless monsters


Steves face though....

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When you sit down to take a dump and the toilet seat is freezing cold

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223 points

Smart guy

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189 points

Deserved it

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181 points

There goes his beer

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203 points


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231 points

Classic Putin!

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384 points

Sh*t just got real

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Putin "Taking Notes" during Obama's speech.

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165 points

My whole life is lie...

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296 points

Oh sh*t....

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158 points

Roses are red, 911 takes calls,

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226 points

It all spends the same.

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Fair Enough

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176 points

Finally, German politicians have some guts. Respect.

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204 points

And the rest of the modern world that has gyms

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239 points

Find the middle girl legs

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284 points

Amen to that.

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