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Awesome chefs hat

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This sun giving a shoulder rub to this navy officer.

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22 points

My father teaching me about the birds and the bees.

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My twin brother and I ran into our celebrity lookalikes the property brothers🤣 [email protected]

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52 points

True dat.

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21 points

She's got it goin oni

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36 points

Logical Spock is logical.

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63 points

Everybody's gotta respect the lord!

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72 points

Who is this YouTuber?

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73 points

Just another busy morning commute in San Francisco

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I'm notorious in my D&D group for my horrible rolls. Gimping my character. Endangering my group. Yesterday, my Dungeon Master gifted me this shirt.

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79 points

Indeed it is

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These are the children of the couple arrested for holding them shackled to their beds in Perris CA

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78 points

Steve Martin on Tom Hanks

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Happy Birthday Seth MacFarlane (Actor-Writer-Producer-Crank Yankers,Hellboy II: The Golden Army,Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy,The Cleveland Show,Robot Chicken,The Orville,Logan Lucky)

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24 points

This is basically going to be the news tommorw

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23 points

That moment you realize he was never acting

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This is my time

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Wenger out.

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Emailed my grandparents a photo, found it framed a few months later.

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