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Bunny slippers

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10 points

That feeling you get when you're saving your species.

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23 points

A tired cow

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39 points

No it's ok, I don't need to study for that exam

Preview d2c3fbbc c13e 43cf b730 6b0d14f64aa1

You guys ready? - alright, say "Cheese!"

Preview ddf166e0 aa64 4fe1 a599 eda16d3a7a1d
39 points

My pervert cat is watching my girlfriend take a shower.

Preview dda5a634 a8a7 4a91 a41b 042711b5274b
41 points

The jerk has his own bed

Preview fad1ed37 c17b 4a13 8104 0c806da5ab1a

Interspecies Friendship

Preview 1008519d 8993 4c4e a901 a3745266241e

Majestic creatures

Preview 21468a8d e0c7 4ef6 9a82 8164f4ebdddd
68 points

The unmasking of scooby

Preview 75f90fde af5b 4a7b 9fee fd1a254627fd

My aunt took this photo of her's and her son's dog

Preview 0ceb48d0 eb54 43ec 9280 5b25b0b27fc6
66 points

Straight up used his brothers head as a seat to get a better view of outside world

Preview 02bdf4a3 402d 4f4f 862f 430d7b4afe64

'Nam flashback

Preview 8dc0429e b368 46dd 8cf3 2192fa43c644
58 points

The now extinct Short-Faced Bear. Scientists speculate these Giants delayed Human migration into North America.

Preview 76a64d59 a3d5 4984 909f ae8e81d47db5
65 points

Happens to the best of us

Preview b8ff62bd 4605 4ee1 a828 c2a9e419dc00
69 points

Everytime I get out of bed for a second, and come right back...

Preview c1cf2264 ae87 40d3 a833 79f47e26619f

You don’t need this ear, do you?

Preview 370fb019 e8ea 470c be14 28756d3e1ca9

Papers? I thought you said shred the bed? Instructions unclear.

Preview b9423a06 2981 45f1 9130 a2ccedb1a62b

At least she looks guilty

Preview 0c6a3195 000b 40eb aece 77b40a837407

When your girlfriend says she's fat

Preview 98ba487e ce94 4213 a807 50d218f3b942
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