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Thug pug was a bad boy

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he showed up with this present...

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A cat! Is that a cat! It’s definitely a cat.. annnnd he’s gone.

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what happened?

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103 points

Luna, after being caught red handed stealing catnip off the plant.

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Hit it dawg!

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114 points


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180 points

A desperate family turns to cannibalism

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140 points

Rescued orphaned babies. Sprayed twice.

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Found this little guy in a museum

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84 points

If you don't have one, it's you.

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125 points

I didn't know if to call the police or animal control

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Left my glasses on HER counter while trying to have a bath....

Preview 9a28839d 6c98 4c9a 8d9e c60d0302f66f

Link, before and after he sees a moth

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106 points

Die bix

Preview 14e388ef 6ade 47f4 8d9d 9c571d719b31

She’s seen things... horrible things

Preview f73ec848 d74b 4ee1 9636 0f3cde0d095b
112 points


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114 points

eating from our kittens bowl in a bar of rebellion against a new cat in the household

Preview 16b1629c f10c 4085 a9f9 a25923d9c1f8

So I guess I won’t be having any Froot Loops.

Preview 2188a3fd 707b 4db3 956d 04fe3af0ba49

Silent but Deadly

Preview d3f6740e 2e86 4d22 869e 94d37900c4d0

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