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71 points

Wait a...what?

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201 points

My wolf pack.

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166 points

When you have ps4 but you want ps4 pro and dad be like

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179 points

You mean... unduckover

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156 points


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112 points

Husky/Chihuahua mix

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100 points

When you realize you did a mistake

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99 points

Unusual friendship

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121 points

Thanks man!

Preview fa8c2e33 d2e0 41c0 9d45 991e43a74343
154 points

I saw this, and couldn't resist

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Male/female priorities

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172 points

Loving it when she wakes me up in the morning!

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116 points

Do You Even Bark, Bro?

Preview 5c4d60c7 4080 42cf 99ee 3db9bd6ccdaf
134 points

Pupper fell asleep on my hand. He's going to be a border patrol sniffer dog!

Preview 90200211 8c39 4839 9dc1 62759f3c07f3
89 points

Hooman, you did me a frighten

Preview 7c46c3d6 db7c 4e64 8bd4 6e3c20d7b2bd
93 points

How a 160 lb. dog attempts to hide

Preview 48b0e50e d7b3 4cda 807a ef1c715f1c83
135 points

This doesn't seem right

Preview 373556e1 21c1 439d 8176 6184a3edeba6
118 points

My kitten Sullivan is very interested in what you've got to say. Please, continue...

Preview 91f5438e fcee 45c9 82b2 c5ea6fb09568
109 points

Meanwhile, at today's meeting on feline healthcare...

Preview dc4e528e 612f 4640 8634 e7f42bf0547c
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