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Light roast

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9 points

Holy shit!!!😮

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11 points

Marine surprised her sick grandfather for a very emotional first salute

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One does not simply walk into Mordor and stay quite about it...

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18 points

Phone was falling off my steering wheel

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Got my first tattoo today. Dad wanted in the photo.

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57 points

Open Bob

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52 points


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54 points

I'll have 1 alcohol please!

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24 points

It snowed today in South Carolina. My Papa made a snowman!

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36 points


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What's something you wish you had?

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53 points

Mission accomplished

Preview 33fefb79 014e 4213 ac1c 78044030b1ae
42 points

This gun safety class doesn’t seem very safe

Preview 0429db9e 6faf 4b81 870f 397804f43f6d
53 points

First world problems

Preview 66b8df4c 6445 4ae6 a7df cb1a916f3a6d
58 points


Preview eae930cd 3af2 4c28 9d14 506c8294ef9a

Apparently Thanos is a Stoke City fan

Preview dc22a1e3 50f1 4b4b 9a15 173573c7d31a
68 points

New year, same me

Preview 856e76da c1dc 4954 8f29 89865bf86b19
60 points

When you're too lazy to make a new catalog number and a new UPC code.

Preview 08b84718 9586 4733 bb8f 17615e91cce2

F**king people

Preview 595b4378 7ac7 4949 9123 079c6f74706c
69 points

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