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The caption says it all

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Master out of the windu

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20 points

Rest 10% are gay or diededed

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20 points

Banks hate this man!

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21 points

This tattoo just paid for itself

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46 points

Hol up

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57 points

Real life Atlantis movie cast!

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You're my favorite people *tear*

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60 points

When the first sip just can't wait

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59 points

Apply cream to the affected area

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Huh? Who's there?

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70 points

It's happening

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Pen Pal

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58 points

Oh wow!

Preview 50a24541 12df 4d3e ac5a 46044361932e

The moment before my friend got hit by a beer bottle to the face

Preview 97b9fa80 541a 455f a3a4 0e08423e6d64

It's just a prank

Preview a29e8087 0753 4b10 b9e6 86a1fcf09cfc
62 points

Mary with her son Ganesha

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20 points

Marketing on Point.

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24 points

The more you know

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German Police during a test mission to counter a terrorist attack with bacteria.

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