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Taking a fastball right to the junk

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Nasty Shadows

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What type of haircut did the suspect have?

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99 points

Really. He’s cool...

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95 points

Pickpocket: 100

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116 points

He didn’t want our data... he just wanted to be our friend. Why couldn’t we all just be his friend?

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83 points

For the win.

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76 points

4th grade yearbook pic.

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67 points

He's been training for this moment for years

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78 points

When you have a business meeting at 8 but you have to take on the avengers at 9

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89 points

The Mountain at OKC capital supporting teachers... they’ve been warned

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103 points

Heisenberg goes to comicon.

Preview ad6544c2 0484 40b3 b1cd af39cde61dd4
77 points

I shaved my ARMS for THIS!?

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79 points

Happens all the time

Preview 3ae2b318 98dc 45fa b12a 12084e5e987b
73 points

My uncle using his flashlight to brighten up my dads iPad screen

Preview 60f1a319 6576 4db3 ba52 5cf7f721ae08
64 points

Why have a tattoo if no one can see it?

Preview eeb63e26 ff4e 4d38 b7d8 8642a5352954
83 points

When someone tries to flirt with me

Preview 440a14a0 51db 48b5 bb25 10413e3ac728
92 points

My favorite X-Files episode formula.

Preview e7250111 3361 4372 9132 3c3e3e825fc2
79 points

Ah not again

Preview 4be4ab48 a59f 498e 8baa 57448f25ad3d
64 points

Rare Radar Phallangee pic

Preview 0d1a6ac3 7a98 4a26 a75c 5dd9a27301bb
74 points

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