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My weewee can only be aroused by the power of high quality porn

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Scary Terry

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2 points

Anyone too?

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What the f**k happened to the spider???

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It took me for a while.

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Quick morty, get in the portal. it'll take you to the forbidden dimension! Quick before they patch it!

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7 points

On point, as always, Nick Fury.

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My girlfriend took this incredible photo of me wearing a vintage swimsuit and a mustache.

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Vegetarian bodybuilder

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Mr Burns.

Preview 39edfba6 3f78 4ed5 bf9f ed6d4ef21691

Kublai khan would be proud

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Vegetarian bodybuilder

Preview b5645b89 bcd5 413b 9d89 3ab982d024ae

Vegetarian body builder.

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When you show your fetish to your grandfather

Preview f55aaadd 8a77 42cb be62 bef3cf8b1185
5 points

Crazy westeners...

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6 points

Oh shit, why

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When shit gets really real

Preview 52dfff72 8d2e 4670 b84a 871bcaa3fb55
5 points

He's the real MVP

Preview 59a6a35d 0425 4169 9e8e 2bed1fcd1262
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Soldiers coming home

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