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That took a turn

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Men are simple ;)

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18 points

Don't look at the eclipse

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21 points

Best bromance ..

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14 points

Fashion trends... the good ol' times were awesome

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Sun and wind damage after 30 years of driving a delivery truck.

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18 points

How even

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Holy crap

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19 points

School starts next month

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It works the same with despacito. Best way to wake up in time!

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But he was fast

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There're none son!

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History posts...

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Fourty five?

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Happend yesterday

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Kids go watch Star Trek it will give you morals.

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I didn't made this joke

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My favorite part is the devil horns

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14 points

"Throw me dad!"

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I went to work at the Laguna race track and Keanu Reeves was there racing super bikes!

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