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Hal is the greatest of all the on screen dads

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12 points

McDonald's and a gym!

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Ruthless Geoffrey

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12 points

Singing the "MUNDO" meme on random people

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102 points


Preview 1a521057 c291 4f71 8491 00babee55f45
103 points

Haunts me at night that this is the new owner of the playboy mansion

Preview edf06d51 9fe8 45a6 ab2c 4607a31f3efa
223 points

When your self consciousness is too much

Preview d55343fb 3191 4a88 a53b cbfd2fe56439
170 points

I’m that single

Preview 94f11086 3914 4868 8cc2 862cd454d7b1
150 points

From the bottom of my heart...

Preview b3238c62 ebf7 4383 a1aa c0755b96be4e
138 points

Accurate description

Preview 34b342b7 40fc 49a8 b317 0fa10f4ccfad
239 points

Told the wife I was going to get my ear pierced. She said absolutely not. Ordered a set of magnetic ones. She will flip when she gets home.

Preview 26a60874 8292 4df6 8253 9c200f7d6821
159 points

Meth ruins lives

Preview 38fece0a 1cec 4b06 a76f a724fb22b4b2
172 points

Maybe we should start swapping more than faces

Preview 38aaedbc 79af 4cb7 8bbe 4b516a22bedc
160 points

This guy is just as goofy in person

Preview 7acb765e da23 4112 bd4b bd8e4768fbb3
145 points

Mind blown.

Preview 6987e19c e475 4989 9c6c 1c3c22c2a9e2
144 points

Act like it didn't happen Ron!

Preview 77d1a8e5 b8bf 4290 b872 0bc0f0e71623
116 points

Redditor criminals be like.

Preview a44875bb 3910 400b 96c8 57aca30f72a0
109 points

Favorite customer

Preview 2bb18af5 068d 4e88 9a66 0409ab6f1590
105 points

What seems to be the problem, manager?

Preview 28ae7ca2 4b37 4391 9108 4183bf16e036
134 points

Shia Lebouf’s metamorphosis into Post Malone is complete.

Preview 5289cf7a bf36 414f bb84 201f20c64f13
206 points

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