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Einstein is like "I'm out."

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People really sorting through 'new'

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This is a very true story

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These guys are real life musicians too and they appeared on GoT, so what's the problem with Ed Sheeran. Is it because he's more popular?

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Just overthrowing capitalism, one Apple iPhone 7 selfie at a time.

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Do not underestimate!

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Equal rights

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Colourised war photographs #7

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13 pics of girl-on-girl action performed in front of a bunch of soldiers

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Only 2 girls, as he can count only till 2

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Miss New Zealand falls unconscious in Miss Universe competition 1954. No one gives a shit

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231 points

Can someone explain wtf is happening here ?

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When you are the only girl in the class

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Kid having trouble concentrating on the game

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It has been 10 days, they still haven't noticed i'm a chicken.

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We got a badass over here.

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When Airports Are Fun...

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My captain friend sent me this photo. Saudi prince bought ticket for his 80 hawks.

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Average Bosnian Slavic "muslim"

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