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Caught the instant these kids popped a bubble on my old film camera when I visited Barcelona last year

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Workers on the top of the Woolworth building, NYC, 1932

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Steeplejacks on Woolworth Building, NYC, 1932

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Overcrowding in British prisons

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Distracted man drops beer on White Sox left fielder Al Smith, 1959

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Ah its good to be home

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A heartwarming series of Pic....Oh

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Forward march

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Marat Safin lifting a tennis trophy

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Distracted man Dabs beer on White Sox left fielder Al Smith, 1959

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What's your number ???

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Amidst the Chaos

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Just another day in Vancouver

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Central post office, Saigon.

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Nothing like Calgary, Alberta

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This guy gets it

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A hundred years later mankind are still the same

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This is one Picture.

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