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Legen... Wait for it... Dary

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So, the Kalashnikov monument was recently installed in the center of Moscow...

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This guy bought plane seats for his hawks...

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Japan, America, Germany. Summer Olympics in Berlin, 1936

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Soldiers pay tribute to the horses donkeys & mules who died in the First World War

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This is how you back up a Countach

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Back in the day...

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On the beam.

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Human Catapult BASE jump at Bridge Day today

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Lady in red. South Poland

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Mexico City’s afternoon!

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61 years ago this day, Hungary and Poland rised together, against the soviet dictatorship.

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Fact #13

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Jumping into the abyss

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The 12 stages of fear ranging from blissful ignorance to abject terror as illustrated by my son's first ride on a rollercoaster

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The Philippines has successfully defeated Isis pledged group in its territory.

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Palau de la Música Catalana, Barcelona, Spain

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The perfect selfie doesn't exi.....

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Disney artists drawing a live deer ahead of starting work on Bambi. Burbank. June 14, 1942

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