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This WW2 vet was walking alone on Victory day. He was the last member of his squad.

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I just realized that, after 8 movies, this is the only moment where harry's friends see voldemort

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The 28th Māori Battalion of the New Zealand Army performs a Haka (native war dance) before going to battle in Egypt during WWII

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Phhh just 43 times

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Welcoming my coworker back to the office properly after his extended medical leave. --

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Looks really cool...Wooden Boat Bridge in China

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Imagine if these med students were around during social media.

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Overcrowding in British Prisons

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My Best Friend has Locked-In-Syndrome & Coldplay Gave Him Free Tickets to Their Show! One of the Best Nights of Our Life. Thank you Coldplay

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Grand Prix Richmond Crackstyle

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My Worst Nightmare

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Spotted a bachelor group in Munich

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Get your d*cks out

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jaw gets smacked by a baseball bat

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I did relief/Missionary work in West Africa for about 5 years. Every day was beyond WTF. Here's a collection of my best pics.

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This guy high-fived "The Todd" from Scrubs while dressed as The Todd

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Horse with gun from the 1900's

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Muhammad Ali vs Cleveland Williams - 1966

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Oskar Schindler being greeted by 300 holocaust survivors in Jerusalem

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It’s okay to put your phone down and enjoy the life.

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