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85 points

A mountain and a volcano have a conversation

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178 points

Search for Point Lonsdale VIC in google maps. Zoom the Sand circle. Let me know if you find something interesting.

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162 points

The ultimate cheat code to set your music's equalizer!

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178 points

Must have been before Geonosis

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205 points

Freshly baked!

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119 points

Late Bird

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126 points

He's not wrong

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144 points

You gotta do what you gotta do

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110 points

About sums it up

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131 points

Perspective: What people think the Hawaii lava flow looks like VS reality

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131 points

Classic...old, but good

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126 points

What it feels like just trying to make a joke on Reddit

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115 points

The Hunger Games

Preview f98b3d1f ba05 47fd adb6 0b635736b833
107 points

Children are hilarious! And a little odd...

Preview 274e8864 cd0b 4daa a39b eea87f6ac941
111 points

What your sleeping posture tells about you.

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125 points

Fish in the sea

Preview 209c92d6 34b5 4768 a309 f11d01e5f756
125 points

Things that make me anxious

Preview d2497da1 ec8e 428d a80b c6515895a513
136 points

According to these instructions I need two Vietnamese people to help me assemble my dining room table

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171 points

Poetry in motion

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