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Late Bird

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94 points

He's not wrong

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113 points

You gotta do what you gotta do

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91 points

About sums it up

Preview c864defb de58 45fe a509 0f82268def57
90 points

Perspective: What people think the Hawaii lava flow looks like VS reality

Preview 872da4f5 dca1 4b40 ad6f 548ea41876be
92 points

Classic...old, but good

Preview fa37fcd6 5cfa 4fa2 a597 f9817c7da9a1
88 points

What it feels like just trying to make a joke on Reddit

Preview 035318c5 122c 403d 9610 44f4d1bcdd99
88 points

The Hunger Games

Preview f98b3d1f ba05 47fd adb6 0b635736b833
88 points

Children are hilarious! And a little odd...

Preview 274e8864 cd0b 4daa a39b eea87f6ac941
93 points

What your sleeping posture tells about you.

Preview 1b1c5ad4 b048 4c8b 9e57 5f0520a36240
102 points

Things that make me anxious

Preview d2497da1 ec8e 428d a80b c6515895a513
121 points

According to these instructions I need two Vietnamese people to help me assemble my dining room table

Preview 6a825d33 324a 47fa bb39 ce87036d41f3
121 points

Poetry in motion

Preview 5356bb78 9fd9 415b 88b3 0ce65a4b47a2
135 points

This guys business card

Preview ab91c783 b280 440a b59b 6acaa1a0ba0f
113 points

Join the Resistance

Preview 578c8b72 9b01 4a6c 97c0 6e644f53f167
85 points


Preview 20dd2487 5a43 4b83 8192 3b58fa80a40e
82 points

How to choose an OS

Preview 5ff43d15 1be5 4487 9bbb 3db38242df19
110 points

Lucky Penny

Preview f91e40ff e782 4d17 b8af 544705ac2931
127 points

Cute Baby

Preview 0b8e7b43 aada 486b 9b7c 3dbda3c6e622
107 points

Had to make this guide for my paper company on how to deliver my paper. Will update with their response.

Preview 11842bc4 4345 4c56 8c1e 2a78cfc40a36
102 points

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