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How do flat earthers explain that ?

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178 points

I've seen it with my own eyey

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92 points

People can get this dumb

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135 points

From Kissing to Wedding in only 9 hours. Just German things.

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127 points

Make FRANCE great again they said

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139 points

Isn't that the guy from Sherlock?

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88 points

Fixed it for ya

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82 points

For the lame balls

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150 points

How Trump see the world

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82 points

Bitter Truth

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81 points

How polish people see Europe

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279 points

Yay! I could have healthcare at last!

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89 points

This can't be good

Preview db85cb9d 3f79 4cf6 8b24 8ff5559d5870
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96 points

Package was 2 days late. UPS insists no mistakes were made.

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216 points

Take A Quick Tour Of The Mind-Boggling Universe Of Mathematics

121 points

When the largest immigrant group in Belgium are the dutch

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225 points

What Dutchies think about Europe

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263 points

How finns see Europe

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The world is an oblate spheroid.

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