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Writer's Block

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Being a submariner during the First World War was, apparently, not a job for the claustrophobic

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78 points

Mom caught my little brother planning a party...

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93 points

Uber Fact #3248

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77 points

Why u females do dis

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67 points

The gf kept saying she wanted to draw something together. I suggested taking turns drawing individual lines. This was our dissaterpiece

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80 points

Life sucks

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92 points

Girlfriend's eye doctor hit her with a good ol' dad joke today.

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107 points

This pope gives me hope

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Faster, Papa!

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92 points

Asian technology is just a wee bit different

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86 points

My local supermarket is pro-choice.

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Ooooh Yeah... tell me all about it

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75 points

my brother found a mysterious old poem in our garden

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90 points

Did I ever show you guys what was left on EVERYONE’S windshields by someone on Black Friday this year?

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55 points

I found this on e bay

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73 points

Texas is HUGE!

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74 points

How the dinosaurs became extinct

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