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Thought I'd boost morale a bit, after the US didn't qualify for the World Cup soccer

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153 points

God save the queen

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161 points

I Used Adblock When I Went To BuzzFeed And There Was Nothing Left

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93 points

How to solve the riddle of the goat cabbage and wolf

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102 points

Ojai is a very bad place to be right now.

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60 points

My kind of guy right here

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66 points


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126 points

Land of the free, home of the hazards!

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105 points

Current map of the US of A

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80 points

There is a solar eclipse. HOW CAN WE MAKE IT ABOUT TRUMP?!?!?!

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96 points


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50 points

Most common surnames in European countries.

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155 points

Boy that fire nation I tell you hwat

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59 points

Can't wait to CZECH it out

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Plot twist

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89 points

No comment

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67 points

A friendly reminder from an european fellow

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23 points

Roses are red, I like to play tennis

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174 points

Mexico is gonna pay for it!

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