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He never saw it coming!!! Kidnapped from work

66 points

Yeah....How bout no.

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This Fish With a Face

Preview e142aed5 b198 4358 bb3a 7d462ece514e
120 points


Preview 93f54f9a 526b 4f32 b592 1bc64033d18c

I don’t think that’s supposed to be there

Preview cbd8b5cc ba4a 4008 9105 7b32035c2df8
121 points

Up hill both ways!

Preview 7215f698 8ea8 4274 b965 069bedf54d71
122 points

Great white

Preview bf3549fe 559c 4abb a0e0 9e6cc7df482b
126 points

New skyrim mod

Preview f6054b52 82eb 4bb1 98ae fa1b7f39beb9
146 points

Enough internet for today...

Preview f0b768df 54ad 490b a315 ee3d7eb329df
102 points

One of our brother just pass away.

Preview 6ceda97d e587 4a01 ba21 ee578aac223d
82 points

Delicious human!

Preview 2340af81 ad40 4bc9 9c67 dca32ae0f74d

Seal runs into the glass

Preview f54486b2 88af 472b aed3 7a28b5cc8a3d
94 points

I liek puns

Preview 1528d1fb 5074 4061 938e d7452afac9f5
102 points

I too wanna go to the otter space

Preview a330747d bc23 490c a6e9 bd65e87f203c
110 points

Really weird animals

Preview 97d1b246 2520 4de8 a7c6 26d4ed3ed26e
112 points

Stay positive

Preview 3ec1b5f8 1956 4593 9870 0a09326a8576
114 points

This weird fish’s eyes were pointed in two different directions when I walked around it

Preview 1a9e33f9 74bf 4e47 b1ba d7d4b16c0982
108 points

Thank me later

Preview a45be8a1 e462 4929 8bfa 8f7f3c189424
113 points

Fish with creepy teeth

Preview cb364b8b f44e 4599 ad39 c92f4007f00f
74 points

Waited ages for this crab to come out of his shell. Not sure where else to post.

Preview bebd2aae b200 43de 8b1d a333bb0f2641
111 points

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