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"Can I have a portion of Ser Jorah with chips please"

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Racism is everywhere, even our supermarkets are not safe.

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11 points

Wholesome dad spotted

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I understand now how Jesus fed so many people with so little fish

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Aww...So cute.

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Only 9.99 ¥

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8 points

The aisle to avoid.

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14 points

The trial of champions

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Prepared fresh

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8 points

Did u like it

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8 points

"There's a traitor among us"

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So they f**ked up the sections at my local bookstore.

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187 points

There's social life out here.

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Strip clubs, Mother's Day, and MILFs... I feel dirty

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1 points

It's payday and I'm like...

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Harder daddy!

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Me: "wow I can't believe I'm grocery shopping by myself I'm such an adult" Also me:

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