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A store in Japan thought fuckin' was just American slang for really good

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84 points

I will pass on the lunch meat.. thanks anyway. Part II

Preview 904a3547 1f35 459e 89f9 75eac6814ac8
86 points

Nic Cage at Walgreens in the tampon isle

Preview 4693716a 0044 4539 8b3a 02b0002f1f14
81 points

~ Porn shops suck all the fun out.

Preview 20438d9c 18a8 432e 8480 ee3943215269
61 points

Seems legit 😂😂

Preview 0f216959 1957 4a03 91f4 2bfc9e305561
55 points

Fucking brilliant

Preview fa350aa1 096e 4ae2 88ba 62df402c4abe
78 points

"What mascot should we use for our unidentifiable meat?"

Preview 1b2f7ed3 7925 4ab0 a62a 69a9c00c4fac
65 points

She might overrated her driving skills

Preview 25efcf5a a516 4d9f a000 795a1937e247
42 points

"Premium produce" found in my damn rural town's only grocery

Preview 47f92f6e aad4 4e82 8cbd 9774a24912e2
54 points

Don't forget to wash your vegetables...

Preview 076ab8ed 0062 4770 bfb0 ed19cca6cf4c
24 points

I'd still give em a good squeeze to be sure.

Preview c2fbc009 fa4c 4fb2 aedd 21ad81e2da16
50 points

He just flew into the store and opened a bag of Hot Nuts

Preview f4640d2d d292 49bb a427 58d865f66936

Even in a disaster no one wants the vegan food

Preview 26985d24 31c6 4729 834a 8a4c681225cb
69 points

Whole Foods literally has everything

Preview b5efe9f9 6a2a 4046 afc1 992cdcb78165
68 points

Old, but gold

Preview 5886a5ca cd2e 4cae a265 d32b873595ab
89 points

Baby bologna

Preview e875a092 8213 4e46 9398 9d5323ccb047
56 points

A safe space for high functioning derelicts.

Preview 232cb360 e5fe 4259 ac7d 95a50ed6410e
63 points

Nah, I’m good....

Preview 341605fa 841a 49d5 a70f 45bdc99a6bf3
52 points

Black Friday lines have already started

Preview b1a7ced1 d5b6 442c bbb4 c6ba8409db82
22 points

Wild kitchen in NYC

Preview 4d774205 4b64 4637 b6f1 79606e52e438
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