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Well, are they?

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1 points

The Teeth of a Crabeater Seal

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19 points

These sausages I found in a German supermarket are produced by Volkswagen.

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20 points

Fook hing hell

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You are at the wong place

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11 points

I just got this pen case from South Korea. I like the attention to detail of the inside of the case ... :)

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8 points

This is the apartment i had to deliver a fridge to

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17 points

An old worn out sticker on a shelf in a local juice shop, Bangalore, southern India

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Oh Jeez!

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13 points

Hong Kong's Coffin Cubicles

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14 points

Meanwhile in an icecream shop in Rome, Italy

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Whomever did this deserves a raise!

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7 points

What a bargain!

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14 points

Just another sunny day in wkwk land

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If Modi had 40 Watermelons...

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2 points

Apartments in Hong Kong

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8 points

5 Years ago today I ran into Machete at a grocery store in Provo, Utah while he was searching for some local honey.

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54 points

Jus rememb

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2 points

You have a valid argument

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124 points

You know it's hot outside when

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