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Someone call the Men in Black

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110 points

I think I'll go somewhere eles.

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89 points

Bookshelf House / Shinsuke Fujii Architects, Japan, 2014

Preview 1ea10456 b97d 4629 b6d4 f5420156a008
99 points

When you own a flip phone you make your own tinder

Preview afe856da 944e 4cf6 a361 7ba9915c0466
118 points

Wow, I’ve been wearing these wrong all these years

Preview 8a12d87e 55ee 4162 987b e1e999eede51
95 points

WTF lmao

Preview c7810008 af70 439f 8ffb b040431e6dda
118 points

Everyone is locking up tidpods but my local Costco was giving out free samples

Preview bd7f3b6e 0850 4609 9684 e9b65569f978
88 points

I'll see you tomorrow, my half-priced pretties.

Preview 65a844b7 6331 4b2a b643 41bb94d21e9b
119 points

Minute Maid going for the liquid detergent approach

Preview 8268a704 e874 489c 876c 54906c513ff9
106 points

I wish I was as cool as this girl...

Preview 05b523df f29b 4657 91b4 98d322fbe37a
147 points

Turbo Sex Machine

Preview 6606e70a c3ee 450d a1cc d9d3f7cf8a24
177 points

Little blue bastards

Preview 1d1007c9 4216 4024 a819 0b1c645d3b40
72 points

These spices

Preview 921d95a6 bf7b 4023 99c9 935325525005
116 points

When you're building a house and need to do a lot of measuring

Preview 8a24bff2 87cb 4586 8182 ee4fe71ed634
91 points

Sorry! As we always say!

Preview c7e81f4c df1f 4935 b3cf b940565cc783
80 points

I mean ... it's not the best supermarket, but it sure is an ..

Preview be1b1949 f546 434a b985 be2efc4ed4a9
121 points


Preview 38492d53 fba7 41f4 8a31 1d8e4d4ed46c
110 points

Wholesome dad spotted

Preview fc478b5a b38f 449d 8a21 da41e8f5c889
112 points
Preview 712209c2 1296 49f1 a51d 39bf4dc52706
161 points
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