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Two-headed cyclops calf born today

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53 points

Dark asylum

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15 points

These glasses are a lifestyle.

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20 points


Preview ff8a186f 4eda 4cf8 8dc8 fe5f9cf4ebe2
11 points

It all makes sense now

Preview 48452a47 1ef9 4fe2 ab50 c674aae5e314
12 points

What is this? Spooky object found under the microwave.

Preview a9572475 9c89 4f47 9c11 114ec2463348
15 points

What. The. Fuck.

Preview 8e537309 95e7 4704 8473 c3fb828808d9
40 points

This guy wins Halloween.

Preview 8f447be4 142f 46bf a43f 89d918057ef1
18 points

Slap a b*tch

Preview c79a970f 719d 47d1 9c9d 0d633e463415
23 points

Well damn

Preview 0c2bea9a 0d08 4da0 a883 d49f0211fc8b
12 points


Preview 84102b9c 73f2 4f2e 8599 2c55fc5dfb35
20 points

The outside world is so big when you're only 3lbs..

Preview 30d9d91f 5872 4854 bde0 e825f6e253ff
20 points

No critics here, hust manted to share the fact

Preview 1b98af32 3748 427f b396 613d7d406698
85 points

Guy wearing Bandanna scares friend

20 points

Who is Mr Sinister??! he scared the crap outta me! omg! wtf! lmao!!


German Police during a test mission to counter a terrorist attack with bacteria.

Preview b8375c16 0f63 4c37 98be 185dd9414945

Not here

Preview 29293925 0d25 44e2 89c5 a82117ce898e
75 points

Crystals growing on a skull

Preview defd8b03 7803 4e6e a6d6 281733447fd3
22 points

Vlad the Inhaler

Preview 6167197e 2bfe 42be 90f4 4126e8139001
22 points

Checkers anyone?

Preview e739680b 5387 4f4b a24f e0438daf54ea
22 points

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