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*Patient slips Doctor a $20 bill*. “How about u knock me out again!”

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122 points

When checkers is life

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97 points

A childs skull

Preview 24053ccf 5fbb 4ecd 820b 9da1ed5eeb10
88 points

A decoration the local fish resturant has waiting for customers that decide to eat there.

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83 points


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72 points


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87 points

Just missing Warner

Preview ca04382d b29b 4ac9 91ca 35255eef7c2e
100 points

The Sequel we Deserve

Preview 90d7897c 61de 4054 b541 164605995b3f
63 points


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79 points

Kevin, I don’t think that was weed

Preview 9218afa9 4f3e 4f7f 93bb f79f06bf203a
74 points

The sarcasm, the puns, the raw power. God help us.

Preview 23462e3d 5a44 4424 a1d5 bc3e293b2063
94 points

Innovative Japan..

Preview 7dee2bb9 eaa6 4303 ab9b f1953adae46d
75 points

When you can't afford animatronics for a kids's birthday party.

Preview f23331d1 0ef4 431d 86d0 f7eae11b1e3f
94 points

I'll never be that cool

Preview e013d314 8a0c 48c0 973b be0966768fbd
114 points

When it comes to body modification, this guy nose no bounds.

Preview 524bf180 1f53 4ec5 8972 a8f12a192d38
96 points

Mr. T Doll Party

Preview 6ba6be46 dae2 4744 9136 4a805785687f
69 points

This realistic face mask is horrifying.

Preview a8ea2ff8 e3d7 4ba4 bb07 11860ff7b7f7
80 points


Preview e1a78254 6355 46a8 8ed2 3ca5c6f7312a
65 points

When American Eagle ruins picture day

Preview afb5499b 9124 438c aef4 a7fd6234a689
60 points

We're having a snowball fight?

Preview 762b6e66 db78 442f 81f0 510c1589d6d7

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