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When the car that let you in front of them gets caught at the light

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14 points

"You merely adopted the dark. I was born in it, molded by it."

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165 points

Apple: "Our new iPhone X is now waterproof." Samsung: "Hold my Beer."

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211 points

*Patient slips Doctor a $20 bill*. “How about u knock me out again!”

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149 points

When checkers is life

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118 points

A childs skull

Preview 24053ccf 5fbb 4ecd 820b 9da1ed5eeb10
107 points

A decoration the local fish resturant has waiting for customers that decide to eat there.

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94 points


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99 points

The skull of a person with the rare type of bone cancer Chordoma.

Preview 20c1fda1 c7c8 42c2 ab4f 8b011b5ea831
152 points


74 points

Just missing Warner

Preview ca04382d b29b 4ac9 91ca 35255eef7c2e
112 points

The Sequel we Deserve

Preview 90d7897c 61de 4054 b541 164605995b3f
78 points

WTF, I am so scared right now

Preview 797df50a 8263 4f62 9f17 23eb2db4249e
116 points

2018 Rapper

Preview a35a3a15 2046 4e67 8c45 48855ea0e17f
114 points


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96 points

Kevin, I don’t think that was weed

Preview 9218afa9 4f3e 4f7f 93bb f79f06bf203a
88 points

The sarcasm, the puns, the raw power. God help us.

Preview 23462e3d 5a44 4424 a1d5 bc3e293b2063
103 points

Innovative Japan..

Preview 7dee2bb9 eaa6 4303 ab9b f1953adae46d
92 points

When you can't afford animatronics for a kids's birthday party.

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