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How to

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84 points

A cannabis garden in a corn field.

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15 points

Good you’re here, there was an explosion..

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UPS driver has a sense of humor

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42 points

Surprised this didn't start a fire. Friends wondered why it takes 2 hrs to dry clothes

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17 points

Who would have thought it could come to this?

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21 points

I give you a new box and this is how you treat it??

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I just need a quick nap.

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I had a package delivered last night, this is what I opened my door front to

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46 points

My daughter was completely confused. Never thought a math problem could make me feel old!

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80 points

Whenever I see GoT related memes

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Best door mat ever

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24 points

When you try to lose weight but you see pizza

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My new IPad case Vs my 2 cats : Guess who won?

Preview 8ab21d8a ab3f 4bb7 a990 4020d8bcf5c0

This company apparently makes soap flavored gum

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24 points

It's not what it's look like!

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101 points

For all the people who said they started to collect bottle caps. Here is my collection.

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114 points

I guess you could say that I've worn out my welcome

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Imagine the possibilities

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