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My mom sent me a text saying, "So..this is my living room." One of her dogs got ahold of one of her new pillows. These are just the cats rolling around like assholes.

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Went missing yesterday. Came home tonight about two hours after I’d printed the expensive flyers. Dick.

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Nice to meet you Mat.

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My cat "helping" clean the litter box

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Got a new doormat today

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Alex is the hero we need

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Told them to write joke on each box...

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See me after class

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I bet it is Paul’s, then.

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My GF's obsession with cheesy cursive signs inspired me to make my own uninspirational signs

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This is my first time working in an office. My gf thought this would help the days pass.

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Real Life problems

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it finally arrived

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How to

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A cannabis garden in a corn field.

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Good you’re here, there was an explosion..

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UPS driver has a sense of humor

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Surprised this didn't start a fire. Friends wondered why it takes 2 hrs to dry clothes

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