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Found at a gas station in my city

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39 points

My speed camera photo

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My Fiancé is a 3rd Grade teacher and has to explain these words to her kids everyday

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72 points

Michelle, you wanna discuss something...?

Preview cfb2c755 ecea 4f45 80b7 6ab2abb185e0

Uh...I guess I’m having a mojito then.

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61 points


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57 points

Was kind of hoping for a fortune, but that works too.

Preview 6d7d0df2 a137 406a 9161 084be03338ab
23 points

Beware of the NUT.

Preview 876d8c51 f9b7 4b38 b8e0 6be3a1dca234
15 points

Poetry at its best

Preview b00ac8b9 b71d 4673 aa89 f49c2c41252e
54 points

Bathroom at MSP Airport

Preview ad037d54 bf76 4700 8e7f 562ef29139d1
24 points

Closing my bedroom curtains last night

Preview 4253a560 b29d 4cab 9b40 a0d4e65a0af7
19 points

Where we had our fridge sitting for the past 10 years

Preview 32395aa4 7319 4c7b ba97 11ab696bceff
18 points

The title of every date I've ever been on...

Preview 071212eb 6e7a 41dc 8f7b 622a30b136ea
22 points


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75 points

The sky this morning. Aarhus, Denmark.

Preview b561f69e 4944 4cfc 8a10 ad1ec006ed35


Preview 2faaa1ba cfbf 4182 9d54 d72793263471
24 points

My daughter was completely confused. Never thought a math problem could make me feel old!

Preview a13e1b40 9702 4f76 9d65 70fcf28433eb
80 points

Whenever I see GoT related memes

Preview fa7310fa 4531 4cf4 b1d6 bc76e59b8dda
60 points

Early Christmas present

Preview 51863920 5af0 4f1c 9c25 b69ec73c6bb6
95 points

This Kindergarten in Brazil

Preview 9e37a8b8 9732 4de8 8177 f13128d099f6
19 points

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