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Thank's cat, really helpful

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This mouse ran under the road dyeing machine and left this print on the road

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122 points

This mosquito is asking me for help!

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100 points

I sat next to a........

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70 points

Found this excellent recipe for chicken pie in my grandfathers wallet while going through his stuff after he died

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87 points

Zoo exhibits these days

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100 points

A collection of claws and talons from various apex predators

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84 points

Got two fortunes in my cookie. I’ve never been more conflicted in my life.

Preview 9d07495c 8690 4885 a14d 2b4c7bdf68a2
89 points

New CVS personal record - 57.5” for a $4.18 transaction

Preview f38e082e ef8e 42e3 bc08 87995831042f
71 points

Did I mention lists?

Preview b4764a46 20c0 406f afb8 8d79bcd12c71
74 points

2 lame fortune cookies

Preview 19b150ac a722 4fe9 a4a7 c8d4a0e32e08
92 points

New Puma logo

Preview 0981fe97 3cae 46ea 97e0 4d8897990e7f
79 points

Spotted this sign in my neighborhood in Chattanooga, TN. I like the local authorities.

Preview dd98dfda 8556 48bb b829 5c7bdc37d9e5
89 points

sorry I missed pi day

Preview be6e1fca 2570 4340 a292 eb165765e290
121 points

Pure poetry.

Preview 1bed0062 3594 46f4 9a81 85e97b85adb4
100 points

My wife slid this under the bathroom door for me.

Preview 74cb534d 8c8f 40ab 92e3 4a3775bbf482
94 points

Just why?

Preview 60a1dcee 4d27 4947 92fe 44d50adcec13


Preview 804af142 1942 4d35 8109 1e2085bbd577
93 points

Selfie - Sony a7ii/50mm

Preview 4dbf6fca 5ea2 4af1 94ac c0135c35e0b8

Nice to meet you Mat.

Preview afd4bc39 edb1 45e4 8b09 f654daa8d9f3
67 points

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