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Worst computer build ever.

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LPT- eating a hard taco over a soft tortilla shell nets you a second taco absolutely free. You're welcome world.

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14 points

All I wanted was some rice.

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13 points

Smart camera

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18 points

Italians will relate

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2 points

Meat is love!

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Valentine Tacos. Greetings from Mexico!

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4 points

Do you?

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Baking cookies ... in my car. This is not Arizona, this is Portland OR area, where it's 102 today

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14 points

When you're sad and you dont know what to eat..

Preview 6713be3e c248 4f97 8c73 c74a260006d9

Nachos Grande with extra twist ties please.

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Mods are asleep, upvote mom's spaghetti!

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That's right, not I

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When you're cooking the chicken just recht

Preview e3071c9a f57a 49e1 a392 0daba648c7f9
3 points

Forget pineapple on pizza, ketchup on macaroni and ice cubes in wine. This is the worst. Who does that?

Preview 239e436a 64ea 4542 9d76 b27f0e843762
3 points

The perfect soup doesn't ex..

Preview 7afe1473 a859 4018 be89 55ef2824bd4b
42 points

Mind. Blown.

Preview ba9e22af ee04 4446 b415 a0342b04df9e
13 points

Guy I know found a surprise in his "wing" at KFC

Preview eca4e232 41b3 4285 a914 242b37e8d7ef
94 points

Mama mia..

Preview 2238a501 1ada 41b7 a0b1 34aa65c4cb3b
4 points

Nothing beats a chicken parmigiana at a country pub

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