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Worst computer build ever.

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14 points

All I wanted was some rice.

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13 points

The head part got me scratching my head

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19 points

I was putting together a turkey sandwich when I noticed something interesting..

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20 points

The great escape..!!

Preview 119b09df 7457 4084 ac11 b50947474f52
19 points

Italians will relate

Preview 5c052e2c b226 4bd6 9663 4a5c568af334
2 points

Saw your vegan post raise you a 4x4

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My wife and I keep getting asked if we're having kids soon. So we made this fake pregnancy video to prank all our friends...


Mods are asleep, upvote mom's spaghetti!

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Whomever did this deserves a raise!

Preview e146d1a4 a9db 43fb bead 6858be020bb0
7 points

Clever Ad by Tabasco

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11 points

"Can I have a portion of Ser Jorah with chips please"

Preview 8894ac9c ca76 489f b03c 05277103357f
9 points

Mind. Blown.

Preview ba9e22af ee04 4446 b415 a0342b04df9e
13 points

Live long and ..?

Preview 95610bf2 1d31 4322 a7e7 e3ca8fb73c1b
4 points

Just got this delicious chicken wrap from Dairy Queen!

Preview 647f1eea ac88 4817 967f 16319d265b47
3 points

My first LGBT experience

Preview 3f50042c d859 402d 86dc 9f2cfed2eb27
3 points

Han Dynasty has the most unfortunate URL I have ever seen.

Preview fa4cb001 8ab6 4963 9900 cf841cbf8d22
2 points

There is still hope

Preview 7a99e083 3383 4e06 9d72 790915021fc3
3 points

My Daughter's Science Project she wanted to see if sight effected taste, want to try one!

Preview 2dac740f a213 4b65 8fd0 27820ba22433
5 points

Italian Nuclear Test!

Preview 36f3ac72 ee6b 4c01 b69a 6abeebf89df7
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