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89 points

Dinner was dropped while screaming "WTF!!!"

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62 points

What 1 Dollar Will Buy You Around the World

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Lingua villosa nigra, aka "black hairy tongue"

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19 points

I'm still full.

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24 points

Well he has a point

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80 points

After being away on the east. this is heaven

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20 points

Oh my god, that's beautiful

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78 points

When you want to make Turducken, but don't have the right ingredients... I introduce to you, the Turkraken

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20 points

Diamo gets a job as a pizza making man

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97 points

That pig.

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Are these parasites in my chicken???

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Food served on a polished shovel

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81 points

The monstrosity

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14 points

Rarest pair of kicks I own

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20 points

Chicken paws??? Who the fuck eats this?

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1 points

Random meat

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5 points

Worst computer build ever.

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17 points

Mio dio!

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