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Ended up behind this guy today

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120 points

Caught my boy in mid fall 😂

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He had to adjust his "viewing flap" for a few minutes before he could make the right on red.

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93 points

I guess there is a Barbie for everyone

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86 points

painting the Eiffel Tower in 1932

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Hey Illinois and California, you can’t ban these guns!

Preview 59cb2cfd 9b54 4da1 9c5c 3a01010f8d29
136 points

Saw this guy driving out of the Home Depot parking lot yesterday

Preview bc2f8f17 02e5 44c6 b1b2 4a83c343eeaa
120 points

trying to catch a water balloon

Preview aae7dc8b 9f38 4ade b099 043a16c8871f

X-post from r/mildlyinfuriating

Preview f4a8e658 51d9 4975 b37e 0d6809921332

Idiot was already taken

Preview 69374d75 c2a4 4d85 8576 21567f26282a
105 points

Get in

Preview 530f5ac9 c0ff 49a0 9ba2 06d82f5b2395
97 points

I saw this guy on the road today. Ohio is full of characters.

Preview a86ae131 2701 49b2 8a9f 1a55f56beb07
102 points

Celebrating 30 years!

Preview 3fb867d2 a717 47e8 a6a4 dbe63cbdf49a
129 points

Behold, the human fountain

Preview 9f55e7cd d651 4bf0 8a5e 942508782559
108 points

This painting made me sh*t with bricks.

Preview 57ebe0cb d4fd 40d1 b3be 8d05f3be440d
116 points

This is what a dictator looks like

Preview 619d3a1c 9166 4c00 920b c3f540d2b431
86 points

My brother thought it would be a great idea to Slash people’s tires for April Fool’s Day

Preview 8c9b6846 028b 4428 84bc c8a8990d976c
97 points

Pam & Paul's House / Craig Steely Architecture , Cupertino, 2016

Preview 735aa700 9950 4629 a34c 8f8fb415285b
65 points

Remember, Jesus died for your rims

Preview eaac08c5 95f2 4685 92cf 9af61fd36eed
106 points

Living spaces sinked into concrete floor

Preview 7f87632c cc28 41f6 b86b 4c8b35326a56
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