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My dad sent me this photo with the caption "I had a hitch hiker in my Tahoe this morning".

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Caught my boy in mid fall 😂

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It was a close one.

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He had to adjust his "viewing flap" for a few minutes before he could make the right on red.

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I guess there is a Barbie for everyone

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painting the Eiffel Tower in 1932

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Hey Illinois and California, you can’t ban these guns!

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trying to catch a water balloon

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X-post from r/mildlyinfuriating

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I saw this guy on the road today. Ohio is full of characters.

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Celebrating 30 years!

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This is what a dictator looks like

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My brother thought it would be a great idea to Slash people’s tires for April Fool’s Day

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Remember, Jesus died for your rims

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He heard and saw a bird. It was an intense moment.

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You've heard of Peter Cottontail, now let me introduce you to Henry Hammerdick

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Gonna go get the good SUCC.

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Forgot to take the chocolate Easter bunny out of the car..

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