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What do you do when you get a vibrator stuck in your rectum? Why, you use salad tongs to pull it out, of course!

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23 points

Turn that frown upside down

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19 points

There’s something wrong with my dad’s elbow.

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13 points

I just caught a mosquito with my stapler

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24 points

This image rape my mind

Preview 7cf004de ccbf 48b1 b950 11463a8ddb73
19 points

Mind f*ck and good for screenplay for a movie too.

Preview 20a86137 8123 4207 abf2 0b1c11ec6f68
20 points

A collage of legs

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18 points

Baby and Adult Teeth

Preview 16d0ae97 8140 4973 9252 8fefca2f80ec
17 points

Fix your scratches easily by placing a bottle in front of them!

Preview 1610b0fa d742 4415 bca6 b9b916ca4ecd
22 points

Well that’s appealing...

Preview 37613989 0bbb 47c9 946a 78eafbdcc582
14 points

Had to give my phone to the nurse when I went into have my finger partially amputated woke up to this gem

Preview 06cc517d bcbd 494c ae69 c7cad6c45779
19 points

Everything is a ok

Preview 8adadeef 3b9b 4452 b935 d19a99cacd07
20 points

How weed babies are made .

Preview cd92f22f 7d4e 4eef b4a4 a0673ed7e3b2
23 points

God dammit

Preview ecfd9bcf dedd 499c b1f6 c5619f5a0950
96 points

seriously doc

Preview 036f4d10 d543 4cbf af3c 0261772b9681
14 points

I just told you he's gone

Preview 0c1c821c ec5c 481c b89b 055d340ba4b2
18 points

Sat on a dagger moth caterpillar while driving. Didnt realize what was going on for 10 minutes

Preview 54841565 393a 4514 8f02 281a49e23b68
23 points

Should had save that receipt

Preview 8d286db5 abd2 4be2 ac5c 7aeb657d00b9
96 points

6 brokens ribs after an suv rolled over my body. Check out for yourself outhere and look out for the others

Preview 51cfa446 5f70 4fcd 93a9 e55bd06155c3
104 points

Homemade dentistry with recycled gold teeth? TF is this?

Preview 6954a18d 1ad7 4a70 9558 2942e2f7ca42
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