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My twin brother and I ran into our celebrity lookalikes the property brothers🤣 [email protected]

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I noticed a carpet beetle larva in my pipe after I finished smoking. No wonder it tasted funny

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Gotta keep files extra thafe

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Science 101

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This is pretty accurate in my opinion

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Girlfriend took a pregnancy test and sent me this...

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We've all been there...

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You're the bane of existence for one holiday and that's enough! Get back to October and stay there!

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The old game “Hide The Pickle” is a family Christmas tradition. Who knew.

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23 points

Desert is served

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A dental x-ray of someone with cleidocranial dysplasia- what Dustin from Stranger Things was born with.

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I've grown a new tooth...at 25 years old

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sweet little ladybug kisses

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A high dependency patient's blood sample after a two day drinking binge.

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60 points

How to save money

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Not that festive..

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Not as bad as some, it definitely the worst splinter I've ever had

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39 points

You should never tell a lie

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58 points

Futuristic iPhone assumption.

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