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Lungs of a 30+ year smoker next to a portion of normal lungs. She was fortunate enough to receive a double lung transplant after losing 95% of her lung function.

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10 points

Totally relatable

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15 points

Aesthetically pleasing gradient

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12 points

The more you know

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Ma'am, your feet are turning blue...

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Padmes death mistery solved!

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Nailed it

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7 points

Nailed it

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My friend after his fistula surgery

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16 points

One ticket to hell

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Google reviews for my local Steak and Shake.

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Horrendous Tattoos That People Actually Got

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99 points

Natural tattoos done by thunder

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7 points

Root and Boot

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12 points

B*tches be crazy

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This Kid Replaced The Wallpaper On EVERY Cellphone In This Store With His Selfies

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Ugly truth from a professional doc

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