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Hooman, what the fuck

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"Sum up your life in a flowchart"

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You can't be a victim in a school shooting if you are the shooter

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Good dog - Thank you for your service

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81 points

Someone got very wrong tattoo

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Chill mom, it's just a fish tank.

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In case you need an extra strong badass middle finger. Here it is. You will need it in the future. Save the pic

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166 points

Never don't give up

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132 points

If you know these little guys, you know real satisfaction.

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126 points

The last hairbender

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115 points

"We must delve deeper into the understanding of black holes." - Stephen Hawking

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KFC gave away a limited number of fried chicken scented sunscreens.

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When u find a lit series that already has 5 seasons, 21 episodes per season and 45 mins per episode

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With a butt this big there's not mushroom left in this kitchen for a fun-guy like me

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167 points

I have problems

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Hell Yeah!

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Choose difficultly

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234 points

For those really big messes...

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