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Biden gonna stop a war with north K...

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Potato for 2nd place

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Am a teacher. A cat got into our building today...

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Guess the planet

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My Worst Nightmare

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Yup, this is me

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Turkish President Erdogan delivers a speech

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Never gonna click, never gonna click

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What again?

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My Country (Kenya) held a vice president's debate and only 1 of the 8 candidates showed up. This is insanity!

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Moments before we walk into the church, I snap a picture of the guys at the same moment the wedding photographer does.

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So this girl just threw this at me

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Promotional shots of the main cast of "Pulp Fiction"

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Yay for environment

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One long interview

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More like:Eastern Europe

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Well.. u r hired.. I guess

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Everyone can relate

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Does the outside world know this legend? (Jean Dujardin french actor as OSS 117 )

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*Flips table*

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