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Going through my dads stuff and I found one of the most dad things I’ve ever seen.....

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The honest hotel towel sign that I'd like to see

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Target doesn't staple some, they staple all of them

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Can I let you go, the dog is looking at me.

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My local bookstore recently lost a door

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We drove around trying to figure out why the hell all the liquor stores were closed in Myrtle Beach at 7:30 when we finally found this gem..

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From a local newspaper, WTF is the only response to this one! Hope y’all can zoom in and read...yuck!

Preview 3a7420f2 022e 48cc aa3c f4127bcd964a
73 points

Eaten by Mountain Rats

Preview 288d0069 f7ee 4e82 9bbb 51a356d9dd1d
88 points

A Neighborly Note

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67 points

Always practice safe text.

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Dear Abby,

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"He guards the tomatoes."

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I didn’t make this but it was too funny not to share

Preview c153487d 7b96 46ef 9b09 9ff8b314a6f8
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Today a massive boulder came crashing down onto Rt. 7 in Chesapeake, OH

Preview c7c2df14 4686 4e11 b946 ef0982326b9f
56 points

This boulder fell onto the highway in Chesapeake ohio this morning.

Preview 75289101 3db9 4c97 9f37 7d0e0ae19591
23 points

At least Youngstown, Ohio is self aware☺

Preview 75f3fd60 3d4c 4115 a641 c8c166a5fb9f
57 points

A wild teenager appears

Preview 13b40c3a 2deb 4839 a68a bdfc33e41afc
90 points

At a local hamburger restaurant...

Preview 3d8eac05 124a 429c bff5 fa8ca9986669
87 points

California's shenanigans have not gone unnoticed

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