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Crappy internet can kill

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95 points

Friend found this at a dump yard the other day. Anybody have any idea what this grave is or what it says?

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60 points

Walking on through my park, learning about the local Flora

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108 points

LAPD: Basically don’t call us about coyotes.

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122 points

Any hairdressers in the area?

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99 points

Playfulness And Joy

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85 points

Just a reminder that Mother’s Day is coming up..

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124 points

Deciding who to wife

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93 points

Math is hard. Don't let it get you down

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72 points

I’ll be damned. It worked. Heading to store now for air freshener and some silky soft toilet paper.

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79 points

This sign at my local church

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71 points

I’m American, and a tweet that I sent out was featured in an Australian Newspaper, who thought I was English

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100 points

This amazon review for trash bags.

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101 points

A menu that doesn't sugar coat.

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117 points

Got two fortunes in my cookie. I’ve never been more conflicted in my life.

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89 points

It really is.

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69 points

Chunk Lost In Trim

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91 points

Do not let Max in

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85 points

Climbing on top of the Motherland Calls Monument in Volgograd

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Did I mention lists?

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