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And they said romance was dead

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After waiting a month and a half after buying my first car, I was excited that my license plates finally arrived... only to find out that they say "blowjobs 69."

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219 points

Waterproof Case

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94 points

Dead diet

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98 points

The series takes an unexpected turn.

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86 points

Literally hate that people

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111 points

Would buy. 10/10

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123 points

Would buy. 10/10

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99 points

This nice Samsung mobile phone

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118 points

Rough times.

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102 points

No thanks, I don't think I'm in the mood for that right now..

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105 points

I don't understand what I'm reading.

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111 points

My whole childhood is ruined

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118 points

blast from the past.

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Savage AF

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107 points

Hmm, okay

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113 points

Big hard drives are still a thing though.

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115 points

Just people things xD

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174 points

Pass it to you're friend to educate

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