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Think about what you're doing when you park like a moron.

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Okay, which one of you is responsible for this?

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Murphys Law

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Donut Receipts

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3 points

Siri knows nothing

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Answer: hot dog

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3 points

Shame on you, human

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19 points

Truly an astonishing scientific breakthrough

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Dumb ways to die. so many dumb ways to die...

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Ummmm.. ok.

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A menu in a Taiwanese restaurant.

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How to shrink a head: 10 step recipe

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These guidelines on what to do after rape or assault is pretty interesting

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19 points

Hobos have a code cabbage

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10 points

Cancer took my grandfather

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Tom Hanks answers a fan letter.

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Not my kid, not my pic, but I feel we should all aspire to be more like this little fella.

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Seems so legit

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Clip from my hometown's newspaper

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What is your drink telling about you?

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