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It's just logical

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18 points

This failed application

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Good guy Hooters.

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21 points

When a show has a really predictable ending but somehow takes 8 seasons to reach that point

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62 points

Too many at once.

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20 points

This is how we in Mississippi fight heart disease

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21 points

My friend sent me one of the worst CV's I've ever seen

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91 points

Labor or...

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73 points

Possibly the greatest ad I've ever seen in a newspaper. Got drinking problems? Come to the All Wines Off License Shop. Interested in having my Aura Chakras healed though.

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23 points

Dog vision

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20 points

Well That Escalated Quickly

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Just a prank bro

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74 points

Opened one of the display books on the shelves at Ikea

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Oh the irony

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77 points

Corgos = doggo loafs

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17 points


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Mark Manson

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15 points

I work at a movie theater, we but this beauty up today

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19 points

Pick up lines #1

Preview 545e1322 8d99 4459 b879 a853e831b0ce

Wait, what? (X-post r/FoundPaper

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