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Wow, I’ve been wearing these wrong all these years

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24 points

WTF lmao

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89 points

Slippery when wet...

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71 points

After seeing that Rhode Island may block porn, it reminded me of this Scrubs gem

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73 points

Gordon Ramsay's Son.

Preview d36be2df ae83 4dcb 9e94 e00cca267260
95 points

That one teacher...

Preview 09fcfdce 78f9 4861 bb8b 4f35156dbb2e
83 points

Dick from 3rd rock is cool af.

Preview 4e1d1a3a 0bb4 49ff a334 5a18144e31cb
90 points

Surveying Fish market like..

Preview 1b4a8c15 02b8 4ef6 a982 607b9ee60c33
88 points

When you think you're on a Valentine's date but this is where she wants to eat.

Preview fc6df2dc 0df2 4387 8406 fc0355c76fbc
79 points

The Art of Not Giving a F*ck About Others

Preview bb6c258f 1660 4a9c 9f35 f8b71fe4c3d7
49 points

Perfect timing for the photo, not so perfect for the couple

Preview 888087ca ec9e 434f 9afd f82893ebc112

Working in IT, I can relate

Preview 3555fbbc f787 48a6 8f3f 8dad61f72642
52 points

These were on r/funny separately and needed to be together:

Preview 709cee48 72a2 4787 bdf1 9f83f9633c3c
56 points

Everyone is locking up tidpods but my local Costco was giving out free samples

Preview bd7f3b6e 0850 4609 9684 e9b65569f978
60 points

Elon Musk in 2 years

Preview 253d5835 4d76 43b7 8bc4 ec3c487fbc37
55 points

So apparently someone has done this before...

Preview f9892d8c 8d4e 4498 a50c 77725c2cdc05
88 points

Working in IT, I can relate

Preview 77274fe6 aced 4470 8c8c b07f6a8c49b6
104 points

That person is angry..

Preview ed84b6f3 c08f 42b1 9af1 a776ce42a81c
103 points

This is what happens when you post a link to a $23 dress on Amazon to a female meteorologist Facebook group.

Preview 973b20d7 e36d 43f4 a7b3 63becdfeeb18
73 points

Little blue bastards

Preview 1d1007c9 4216 4024 a819 0b1c645d3b40
11 points

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