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This is what happens when you post a link to a $23 dress on Amazon to a female meteorologist Facebook group.

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59 points

Little blue bastards

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8 points

Press X to doubt

Preview 717ee61c e492 4f1c bfa4 eaeb1f028998
89 points

Fighting the real fight

Preview 20b02d6b 2c01 40aa bd8e 4eeb81644d23
23 points

Guy orders and eats a Burger with 1000 extra slices of cheese

Preview 4fd086a3 8d8e 41aa ae40 e3ee54f31396
22 points

9 eleven

Preview c3db6f93 21d1 43db 922a 7e4935256e65
19 points

Can't believe they keep doing this.

Preview dea92a99 6f63 4c23 86f0 b722cc57a473
18 points

When you're building a house and need to do a lot of measuring

Preview 8a24bff2 87cb 4586 8182 ee4fe71ed634
11 points

Manhattan backyard shed

Preview e17b22c3 a9bf 4d9e 862e e6f4381169c1
5 points

Sorry! As we always say!

Preview c7e81f4c df1f 4935 b3cf b940565cc783
5 points

What do you call this?

Preview 41e750ea f5cc 4411 87f4 00db1ca3861a
8 points

A delicacy in Malaysia

Preview 6b4f4c09 b412 4bd6 9ecb a00598f9e9d3
17 points

Is it just me? or what do you see here. traveling through Porto.

Preview afab980f bbc9 469d b9ee 7c620914c54c
8 points

Panda getaway mission in IKEA

Preview ff60c126 f3a5 438a 9bcd 779781b4bbe0
93 points

I don't think I can make it till the end of this month

Preview e9a492d6 071d 43d3 9697 e664caadd8c4
85 points

7/11 has a new competition!!

Preview c4bcfc52 0145 4b95 b0dc 2ea8894b715b
5 points

Teaching God First. Teaching Science Second.

Preview f9423ec1 78d5 43ad 8716 f960594ecb09
5 points

Romantic gestures.....

Preview 90a5f9dd 5104 447b beda 5820aba3e81f
11 points

Hol' up

Preview b98b7389 85a0 4dd3 92ce 993d5022415a
12 points

Chief Vitamin Water

Preview 0bf79225 b066 4c86 afc5 1f37726e21f5

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