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A store in Japan thought fuckin' was just American slang for really good

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91 points

~ Porn shops suck all the fun out.

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76 points


Preview 527f4326 39b0 4b36 8613 8b31c0460913
40 points

Made me a little nervous.

Preview cd73eba4 9aee 4426 8bca 5c462d1401fc
77 points

Once you plorp... chips am food!

Preview 012cbf9e 7e7d 4bb2 8d82 e6e62e46bbbc
75 points

Nah, I’m good....

Preview 341605fa 841a 49d5 a70f 45bdc99a6bf3
66 points

Seriously, Costco?

Preview 32937723 6f56 4b55 977c a76763657ef0
70 points

The cook who burns

Preview f0e90b3d 35f2 4e6a 9ca7 35dc24ea856a
83 points

You came to the wrong fridge...

Preview 8177a198 6ac1 4a51 a065 6500ca991ac7
79 points

Walmart know what's up

Preview f2fdb11b 0154 4a0d 853f fd70c4a8e14e
77 points

Insert suspicious meme

Preview 246ca554 59ac 4e0c 9682 7e7b2d8c19b8
78 points

And its cheaper than therapy

Preview dab92834 0bc5 4a94 9595 d2f1fea2fad6
62 points

Not mine.....

Preview 6f835cf8 fdf6 40a2 97ff a92b1bc55efc
175 points

The perfect vodka doesn't ex...

Preview b81dfd28 ba1c 4dc8 944e 1efeaee22b6f
24 points

Smokers have cigarette butts as evidence of their addiction. Alcoholics have empty bottles. My girlfriend has these...

Preview 449a5a7b cff7 46d5 a68a 5b27007ec206
81 points

VodQuila 🤢

Preview ea01061b 1149 4ec8 8a40 7725fecf24bd
39 points

Casual friday

Preview ad975a01 0835 42de 9fc7 22b710bc6c76
179 points

What a bargain!

Preview 7cbad8e3 024a 407e bb37 34c537c34cec
24 points

And its cheaper than therapy

Preview 4689cd80 24ec 4463 9f18 7d3e0d29be75
66 points

Just in case it gets confusing... Thaaaanks

Preview 7c1b6259 bbf5 4d74 bdf6 5e7da920dc9a
15 points

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