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The perfect vodka doesn't ex...

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11 points

VodQuila 🤢

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19 points

Casual friday

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19 points

What a bargain!

Preview 7cbad8e3 024a 407e bb37 34c537c34cec
14 points

And its cheaper than therapy

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12 points

Just in case it gets confusing... Thaaaanks

Preview 7c1b6259 bbf5 4d74 bdf6 5e7da920dc9a
4 points

Circular and possibly red...

Preview 7e4cb607 6db0 4786 a43e 8776af680193

Racism is everywhere, even our supermarkets are not safe.

Preview 69f89d51 7673 413f 8c3a a5b7052fd395
13 points

Wholesome dad spotted

Preview fc478b5a b38f 449d 8a21 da41e8f5c889
72 points

Parenting is like a yoga class...

Preview d735ea06 14a3 496a 879c c3389b74ad33
118 points

Based Gordon

Preview e2d6f728 c92e 422c 8fb1 d48798770b36
3 points

Me: "wow I can't believe I'm grocery shopping by myself I'm such an adult" Also me:

Preview 79fc1fac 7ee0 49f3 a7fc cbc30b142430
20 points


Preview 735f7e21 0f76 42a9 997c 0bc287bec04a
136 points

When Your Annoying Girlfriend Thinks She's Being Cute

Preview 454727eb 553f 4a2d 9b6b 2cc5de08309b
190 points

Eat bananas ...

Preview 623698a9 b737 4555 9367 18d783900a05
113 points

Firefighters in California (Remi Gaillard)

Preview 661f46e6 5b01 4f7a b018 5942015952ef
289 points

Meanwhile in Walmart.

Preview 6997110d cab1 4697 9078 12e9965a942d
280 points

Meanwhile at Walmart...

Preview 1d01ccec 0f49 4c36 85bc 9762ae662fe6
244 points

WTF? What is it??

Preview 62bbe10f 394a 4f1c 85c2 912be4099ff9
242 points

Tired of Nikes unrealistic body expectations for men

Preview 593066ff e955 47c7 ae91 5fab68dc6bb5
362 points

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