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London proposed to add this to its buildings in 1934 since infants needed "fresh air and sunlight"

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I love paris😂

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My 7 year old son's brilliant way to never lose the only key he has for this lock

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If you are the person who invented this type of sticker nobody likes you.

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my video buffered in the right moment

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Nose ring attached to keys

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Guess I won’t be able to use it

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Singing with a Scottish accent


Noooo please don't

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Within Destruction's "Plague Of Immortality" Official Music Video Is Bringing Brutal Deathcore On Screen

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Useful information

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Traditional Norwegian music


This Metal Version Of Coldplay's "Yellow" Is Absolutely GOLD

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The weapons of a young man

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The Faulty Muffin Balls Saga Prank Call

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Badass Satan Explains HTML Using Death Metal

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Insane Californication cover

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