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Heading your way Houston

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The 28th Māori Battalion of the New Zealand Army performs a Haka (native war dance) before going to battle in Egypt during WWII

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21 points

Cool shirt

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Phhh just 43 times

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Little bacon rescued from a flooding. Can't stand dat smile.

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12 points

Don't move to a populated place where they have air shows every year if you're not a fan of jet noise.

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16 points

Checkmate, Atheists!

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17 points

I am a true swordsman

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18 points

Russia survival vehicle

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14 points

Home explosion in Long Grove, IL

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16 points

Zenyatta is f**king armed.

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13 points

Shots fired

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16 points

Back to school Jihad

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15 points

Voting like a boss..Kenya

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10 points

Check thy self

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10 points

Some say thelegend_27 was a JTF2 operator..

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16 points

Screw Terminator 2, THIS is the scene where real men cried!

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Statue of "Deafy" who was deaf, mute, and had his legs cut off at the knee by a train

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19 points

This bridge collapsed on a truck today. 2 are dead.

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16 points

CZ Skorpion EVO 1100 rounds per minute

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