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We need Magneto!!

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發送裸體 請

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5 points

HUGO BOSS Since 1934

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7 points

When you want to be an operator but you like pizza

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Do not underestimate!

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Belgian one (we have 3 languages)

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2 points

That awkward moment when a man has the bigger tits than a woman

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The ULTIMATE battle of katana vs flammenwerfer vs guns... (a lot of them)

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125 points

Hans you know what to do

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104 points

It has been 10 days, they still haven't noticed i'm a chicken.

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151 points

Pretty badass if you ask me!

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220 points

I'm half English, I can post this.

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233 points

Ok, now a serious one

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92 points

Getting THE Job at SAMSUNG...

Preview a0fa22ed e89c 4df4 8435 37b67be481f7
207 points

Googled "the most british picture ever", was not disappointed!

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171 points

It's a hard life

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99 points

No, it's just a scratch. don't worry, he is alive!

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