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Made a hideout for my cats

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72 points

My husband was in the ER today and all I could focus on was how dirty his bed was.

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107 points

Firing artillery

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24 points

This is the regular cause of traffic jam in Russia

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124 points

Uploading a second world war photography everyday #45 British Recon armoured car "Humber Scout" and an A34 Comet in Northern Germany 1945.

Preview c0dfa76c 654b 4fae 9427 054b20e64b45
111 points

Praying Mantis tank. WW I & II obscure tech #01

Preview dab2a362 3091 46f8 8a14 4e2bf29cacb2
21 points

5 colorization from US during WWII

Preview e5dc08cf 61d9 40ae 929f b479f9b592d4
49 points

Uploading a tank every day #24: Tiger (P) (Germany)

Preview be6f1cde 30ef 439c ac90 be3195191e54
55 points

Please Xzibit!

Preview afd06e22 2de1 43a6 a37d 9f9f919d2be0
12 points

Uploading a warship picture every day #178 SMS Derfflinger

Preview b570e53e d3a9 436d 8001 cbbc52e99f7f
23 points

It amazes me that the Antonov 225 can even get off the ground!

Preview 70066aac 0ebe 48ea 9a9a d617142ce38e
13 points

Statue of Liberty made from bombed rubble of Aleppo, by Syrian artist Tammam Azzam.

Preview 21216b60 ee32 404a b928 63a32e5edf57
94 points

Uploading a tank every day #22: SdKfz 184 Elefant (Germany)

Preview f3263c4f e4b5 4c07 832f d6745dbfd97a
61 points

I feel bad for laughing

Preview 6370d3d6 2793 4a81 9ae8 4b23c43a0f53
15 points

Yo dawg!

Preview 0880ed63 1a3b 4657 8717 993364421942
13 points

It's too late Hans... too late!

Preview 9f1c060d 5a95 4eed 9495 4f43518f059f

Russian Tanks

Preview 5beb640d 22f1 402b 94dc ca3f374b95f2

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