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I'm sorry i dropped you stop giving me that look

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71 points

So my mom was unbagging her groceries yesterday, I look on the table and see this.

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78 points

This cup of fat looks like a frothy, cold beer. I’m going to leave it out at a party this weekend. I’ll report back.

Preview c372409f 5e16 44f9 a4b3 129d4b23ddca
91 points

Now in your cold isle - horse milk

Preview d9bb756d 901b 49c4 858a e86c23150e81
28 points

Finally found it! decently priced too

Preview 62cd7284 f032 494b 8009 4b68bc5a72e1
88 points

........Aaaaaand this is how I got my creamer to stop dissipating at work.

Preview c53674b7 8fcf 4a39 ae05 ad0a36baeca7
81 points

Once you pop...THAT’s GREAT!

Preview 74b1396d f7c2 4ffb b127 f177b920fd0d
46 points

Mama cow picked a rather rude place to relieve herself.

Preview 04b29dda ba39 4eae bc2a 79004a25d498

My friend in the E.R. sent me a pic of his urine.

Preview 1ca48da8 0968 46f8 8c8f 95c40186dcb3
22 points

Pranked the boys with Blairs ultra death sauce! prank war begins!

14 points

Happy bday Linux!

Preview e9b48039 ae43 4bd0 b3ce 77a2db8a346b
78 points

My spirit animal

Preview 117ba041 6158 4b77 b516 55047b5e21c9
21 points

Achilles!! Your cousin plan has done bamboozled all of greece!

Preview 53a357b6 c65f 404b 8e6e d5574ee640e7
20 points

Freshly Laid "Egg"

Preview 8237f65b c6c3 4c5e ad1d 1e5a62f62896
51 points

It's a-me

Preview 35259b39 1e4e 46b1 b00e cb73170f2683
41 points

20170825: Happy Birthday Linux

Preview 36072714 bab0 4419 89d5 ebfffd3fc6e9
87 points

Somebody once

Preview 10fc9bac 6273 4364 8c67 bf9d2a3d1dbd
6 points

Ain't this the truth

Preview 4221754e c35c 475a b949 791bdf19bd99
5 points

Kid gets banned from target for life from smashing milk




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