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Modern living room in a lake house built into a grassy slope overlooking a secluded bay in Southern Quebec, Canada

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69 points

Minimalist living room with a view in Nagano, Japan

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24 points

Perfect Canvas

Preview 5be179f8 98fe 4537 a6a1 c5fd2a683274
65 points

The open plan living area of a modern townhouse in San Francisco by Joe Fletcher Photography

Preview daccb3e5 c303 4c44 b053 96bbec1bd5fd
59 points

Unique Kitchen in Taipei, Taiwan

Preview 46ecf456 785b 4f8d bc65 9da0a029462f
47 points

Minimal kitchen in an urban storefront home in Montréal

Preview ee928cd1 b5cb 4f17 9551 7fe8e57bafee
70 points

Close the door please

Preview 873ee327 d8ca 46f2 8dbb 74dc2930b799
57 points

GHD headquarters designed by Carey Jones interiors

Preview 1bc6cd73 7abc 4fd5 8cd0 53c1f13fb711
95 points

Grace Santorini Hotel, Imerovigli, Greece

Preview 85676ec1 2d33 4035 ac73 785d9b014e77
41 points

Clean and contemporary kitchen and dining area in a renovated and modernised UK home.

Preview c7fdad89 0a38 4bf7 ada0 57debc29a8b0
61 points

San Antonio

Preview 721faaab ea01 4e82 8842 2a82c21b088e
39 points

Fun fact: In New Zealand our public bathrooms have microwave ovens. I have not figured out why yet.

Preview 0aaeff30 79cb 467c a87a 8380248ef14b
10 points

Renovated Sydney bathroom is bold and yet serene

Preview 44be8062 073d 40de a2fb 007f9bdc96f5
13 points

Spacious bathroom, located in Palma de Mallorca, Spain

Preview 5dce1633 b408 4260 8573 2a118f77dc2f
215 points

Modern simplistic kitchen in Stockholm, Sweden

Preview 140d1132 1d4f 4e68 86aa a04cc57740ab
261 points

Bathroom with a view, London

Preview ba25dc1c 21c8 4dc9 80a5 84dbaefc0583
172 points

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