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Would make sex positions interesting.

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132 points

Nut Newsly

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108 points

Dunno what to think.

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119 points

Security guard doing an ocular pat down

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222 points

Replacement knee

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209 points
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3,096 points

I met a hooker who said she’d do anything for $20

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123 points

Miley cyrus meeting his fan in new york

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Mirror,mirror on the floor....

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1,020 points

Emma Watson

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396 points

No thiccness for me thx

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115 points

Something went wrong...

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126 points

My buddy was the United Airlines Passenger

Preview aa7d6724 4899 42b8 95ff 2b2c94981257
117 points

Don't skip leg day

Preview 2d8a2e94 22b8 42e4 b97e 131a60325caa
173 points

Roses are red, I'm 6 feet tall, that's her shoulder height and I'm not even that small

Preview b4bbac6b c437 4f6e 9e66 25f2f96114f6
108 points

Not sure what I'm more impressed with. The Tattoo or the Blockbuster store...

Preview 5358341b 6072 40e8 ac86 f828575380e4
107 points

Chase Kennedy, 6'5 and has the longest legs in the US for a female

Preview 352d4c28 0550 4f1b 9639 2e1e766ba776
151 points

Females be complaining about "man-spreading" but acting like woman-spreading don't exist

Preview 9a2c474e 79bf 48c1 b60f bc7b749826fd
169 points

Bikini coffee Lexzann barista

Preview 6bf5e384 cd9c 4e73 bb81 39b6d8df9abd
316 points

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