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We take being pulled over seriously here in Canada

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356 points

Its what makes a Subaru, a Subaru...

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150 points

Scotland showing support for England's first match

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195 points

I didn’t even know he was in town! So excited

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164 points

I think I found Sid from Toy Story's car.

Preview ed409646 ae8a 455a ae11 6df9ca216afd
82 points

Puddin' Time?

Preview d50a28e9 16ef 4697 803d a3ab0cfd0e16
91 points

What a shitty car

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119 points

I took a picture of a parachutist coming back to earth

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111 points

Saw this vehicle in a parking lot in Woodburn, OR yesterday named, "The Barbie Mobile". Over 100 Barbie dolls stripped and glued around the outside of the vehicle.

Preview 6029da2a 2738 4fde bd4b a1b86be419f0
117 points

Found a gladiator in Houston last week.

Preview 25f69224 37ef 488c b473 9329053f4af3
92 points

Cruising 70mph down the freeway like this. Not exactly sure what's going on here.

Preview 05a6162d 3466 4feb 8d3a 0267635117e5
125 points

For the luxurious off-roading.

Preview 75ba0345 e5a4 4fee 98af 59724728cc19
87 points

Someone really wants to drive in the HOV lane.

Preview 04c656a2 a668 4648 a34a 061839066db0
122 points

Pulled up beside this car

Preview c173748e e15e 40f8 b29e 41a7247e59ae
118 points

Parking 101 failed

Preview 77a4337c 1001 4c73 bf3c 121c7cf94976
112 points

Ultimate Creeper Van? Brainerd MN

Preview aa28a3c5 b0ba 4708 8696 937453f3295b
122 points

Peppa pig’s car

Preview 8fa0e467 35df 4107 840f e0e173e1d1c7
122 points

Meanwhile in Bosnia...

Preview 90e83921 7ec0 4a89 9f8e bc4a9bb00514
136 points

This little girl wins April Fool's Day.

Preview 3ef60def 6c37 4a76 b2ac cb0eb7b26346
91 points

Watched the guy pull in, park and walk away whistling.

Preview af2fe51a b821 4854 9fd9 189148cbe11b
141 points

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