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Found a gladiator in Houston last week.

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7 points

Cruising 70mph down the freeway like this. Not exactly sure what's going on here.

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90 points

For the luxurious off-roading.

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59 points

Peppa pig’s car

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81 points

Meanwhile in Bosnia...

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95 points

This little girl wins April Fool's Day.

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73 points

Watched the guy pull in, park and walk away whistling.

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100 points

That's one way to transport them at highway speed

Preview c6e4c4bb 5939 4cb9 85d6 30ba72897763
110 points

Stuck Behind the Roadkill Truck

Preview c73645e6 d5e1 41b4 8f5f 97d2845b3145
64 points

Santa's Redneck Sleigh

Preview b0df2df0 9fd6 47cc 8c3d b53f90011a47
83 points

Drove like that for about 2 miles so the other car couldn't pass

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80 points

Those must be some damn good tamales.

Preview d65c367b f0c0 4a4b 924e 99562285b818
61 points

Santa's Redneck Sleigh

Preview a9acd9d5 36cd 40d2 9a93 f01fcbb72aa4
61 points


Preview 16ed1956 a94e 456b a8cf 24a7187772d3
109 points

Which one will you choose??

Preview 94bfec4b f274 4a40 9777 9ef219f07dc0
97 points

There's a third option besides burial and cremation

Preview 670a5512 2331 442a bf91 248dcd7de6a8
88 points

How sad

Preview c3c41b2b e953 430e a981 59aae6697a4d
53 points

"Hi Reddit, I’m a big truck - "

Preview 84320a31 30d0 4dbd 83e9 9b4b842c1b78
40 points

Why....just why ruin your car?

Preview 408ee47a 95da 4c94 ad03 ad3ec298ca02
51 points

Jesus Fish

Preview 2e58e6d7 f7e6 43b9 a9cd 19b641275b8e

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