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Bright + Cozy Shepherd's Hut - Village of East Dean, England

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18 points

I live in a tiny loft. It's not much, but it's home

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18 points

Finally saw a hoarder car in real life at Taco Bell!

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3 points

Didn't expect this in the rear view

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2 points

That's a strange place for a mirror.

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12 points

A large shower and bathtub with mountain views in Aspen, CO.

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11 points

Lyfe is hard.

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2 points

Ceramic tile accent wall adds a bold pop of color to this powder bath

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2 points

The bathroom of a restaurant i went to, when i walked in there, there was an older man beating his meat while staring at the blonde chick

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89 points

Just my dream room

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83 points

Cuisine BOREALE Blanc Mat & REFLET Bleu Atlantique

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15 points

Pee in peace

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2 points

Wtf bruh

Preview 0781e465 ef0b 4985 8285 98ce4b660a50
3 points

God really didn't want you to check your weight this morning.

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5 points

That's the way the cookie crumbles

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3 points

Good guy cop

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3 points

Sunsets, storms and rainbows.

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8 points

Haven't been home for a couple of years - what a sight!

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