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Idk who did this but thank you

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123 points

I found this absolute legend in a tattoo look book today

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90 points

Security guard doing an ocular pat down

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139 points

Replacement knee

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127 points

They can see what you think

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84 points

Took a pic of my girlfriend with my new DSLR, perfect timing.

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"And then I shit out a tomahawk missile"

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64 points

Oh so that’s why they drive like that.

Preview 3bc113c9 9cab 4d9d b7c6 499b3fe69b03
48 points

1953 Playboy Magazine Cover, Ireland

Preview bb91e4e3 ab39 4b78 81ae 1e5258616453
64 points

Face swapped Joey and Chandler and created twins

Preview 74f47aea 0abc 4c3c ad7b e5ac88c510ba
77 points

The beauty always stands in the eye of the beer-holder...

Preview 91d7e355 bab3 4cb8 b738 e7b203875ec8
87 points

slapping my buddy with a slice of pizza at mach speeds yields the best face possible

Preview a3bf28d1 12d5 4838 b68c 7703b7ae494c

Is this the inspiration for the 1st episode of Black Mirror?

Preview 7cf3a19b 3145 4ba2 827b 721c1046ccc1
79 points

Still Feels like Monday

Preview 218b9654 5c2d 423e 8c8f 1852c2e5b6e2
96 points

The difference between 31 and 21...

Preview 97b101ee d09a 4987 86dc 796f111e7f5d
122 points
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