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The living room of a $45m home in San Diego

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49 points

The abandoned TWA Flight Center at JFK International Airport

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70 points

The 80s - when being drunk in the bathroom was a real challenge

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52 points

Swimming pool of Indonesian architect Budi Pradono's house

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18 points

This is a sticker for a Boosted Board that I got for my son for Christmas. He opened it upside down and said “hey cool, a koala with a turban!”

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19 points

Entertainment Room in a Converted Church

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12 points

Baccarat Hotel & Residences penthouse master bath overlooking Manhattan

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44 points

Open living space in São Paulo

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46 points

The Space Needle's new restaurant floor

Preview 7f9e5669 b27e 46de b1cf 439be9dd43ce

The public bathroom you always dreamed about

Preview ee5176b9 8a21 4477 ac11 570df560a9ef
18 points

Badass mario

Preview bfe3d22c dc86 49fe 87f3 391439e37791

A contemporary bathroom in an 18th century Swedish apartment

Preview cc1a6cbb bf32 4c0d 9c57 406acea561bb
35 points

The open plan living area of a modern townhouse in San Francisco by Joe Fletcher Photography

Preview daccb3e5 c303 4c44 b053 96bbec1bd5fd
44 points

This Turkish Airlines escalator ad

Preview 513b1f34 e9af 4dae a0cf efcf20999e6c
20 points

Caught a sock mid-way into the sock dimension.

Preview 9ef2b99f 43bf 4e3c a3de b4d0c5035f5b
20 points

Modern Trophy Property on Maroon Creek in Aspen. Asking $22.5million

Preview 9f1e3781 aef5 4621 892a 22334bf84077
21 points

Spacious Contemporary Kitchen by Longhi Architects in La Planicie, Lima, Peru.

Preview ff12dae3 65f4 4207 bc6a c37613a39988
60 points

Low budget apartment from 2 students

Preview cd34e4b7 84bd 44b1 9c21 3ed4a9342fc2
22 points

Beautiful indoor/outdoor top floor living area in Shoreditch, London

Preview 391977aa 1d56 44d2 b99f d30505fffd5d
365 points

Awesome view of penthouse room layout at L’Atelier Residences in Miami Beach.

Preview ca69158f 80fc 494d a407 7a0429981f1a
19 points

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