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Two spots...paid for both...

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How much Italian did you say your pizza were?

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I just visited Stuttgart and had to drop this masterpiece of a library here!

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13 points

Architecture is amazing

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9 points

A perforated concrete facade lets the tropics into this brutalist home in Kuala Lumpur

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9 points

I just visited Stuttgart and had to drop this masterpiece of a library here!

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7 points

This is why men die before women

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7 points

Some men. just want to watch the world burn

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56 points


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11 points

Whats next? A female sherlock?

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Where dreams and aspirations die

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168 points

The other side of Dubai

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0 points

Detroit gets it.

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4 points

Abandoned cooling tower from inside

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3 points

Still blame lag.

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3 points

Best place to put a door

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169 points

Open kitchen/dining room located on Floreana Island, Ecuador

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93 points

Spacious and bright living room in Tel Aviv, Israel

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118 points

Close enough

Preview 8c038fc9 ba2c 4a89 b7ce 12f7a93084d8
176 points

I finally joined the #MasterRace

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