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Simply modern kitchen at the Ritz-Carlton in Downtown Los Angeles.

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7 points

Minimalistic bathroom in Manhattan overlooking Brooklyn

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18 points

Seed Cathedral by Thomas Heatherwick in Shanghai

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11 points

Control room of an abandoned power plant in Budapest

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16 points

Where do you keep the black trench-coats?

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9 points

This building looks 2D

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14 points

All to make the business go around huh...?

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Emergency exit

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9 points

Oh apple....

Preview 13e8bb07 86ee 474d bf32 1c3137694bbc
8 points

"Xanadu of Rainbows" reading room in a bookstore in Sūzhōu, China

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15 points

"I socially identify myself as a suitcase"

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13 points

An astronaut hanging out at the space bar.

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22 points

Hey.. HEY.

Preview db8f5f2d 6e3b 4586 ba75 11f7ef280308
21 points

Eh it will be ok.

Preview b28c16c1 a860 46b1 83c3 60ea793d318b
16 points

The HQ of Äripäev, an Estonian business magazine, in the former Luther plywood factory in Tallinn, Estonia

Preview a1e6c173 3397 4162 9631 a91879a33b55
17 points

3 in 1 sink that I found at a gas stop

Preview 1305011c 5267 47bf 8d82 b840dcac1887
22 points

Reading area on a secluded modern house on the shore of the Balearic Sea in Cala Canyet Girona, Spain

Preview df78bdcc 68d1 4e26 8bd7 3985055015c2
9 points

Escalator in to the fitness center

Preview 89b3bc8d d092 4240 b4c3 328e1fa9df5e
129 points

This desktop....

Preview d3a6df68 3eca 4ed7 aead a70cbbed6a1e
146 points

Dismantled wooden barn finds new life in the structural elements of this Beverly Hills, CA remodel.

Preview dd02658d 1776 4587 91e3 299116b638f9
14 points

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