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Best place to put a door

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160 points

Open kitchen/dining room located on Floreana Island, Ecuador

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86 points

Spacious and bright living room in Tel Aviv, Israel

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113 points

Close enough

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169 points

I finally joined the #MasterRace

Preview e12a1f06 e917 447a b012 f00d7c77ffec
190 points

Finally I found it!

Preview de1a763e 5836 4ea2 be17 51205cb6a179
136 points

In Israel we have 2 Towers Hugging

Preview f3384700 fc9d 481e a8ed cff95065f44a
130 points

Pretty neat stairs design

Preview 18c0a5a5 d06c 4f48 bcdc 176de1da4096
112 points

So I saw this in a public bathroom...

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115 points

Check your facts mate

Preview 2389dc72 4472 426a 8568 165431a5eb3e
85 points

Vertical Forests that will be constructed in China to fight air pollution in 2018

Preview aa7101c2 1d9f 455f 8e34 c72a40c03584
128 points

Gorgeous Tiny House With Elevator Bed Will Amaze You!

143 points

The warm-up pool at the Rio Olympic grounds just 6 months after the Olympics.

Preview 5303df4e 29b5 42be 9c10 8e2c50efd2ee
303 points

Trust me I an architect

Preview 2aaeb396 1d51 40cb 8a6a 5af4f0d27708
120 points

I hope it's a dog!

Preview 95b72e1d 8b5c 4c69 925c 48eabd317ba4
83 points


Preview c1ed5cc5 0937 432b 808f 355efe449872
68 points


Preview 90c68250 2e4a 41db 835c a58677f64476

Library, Switzerland

Preview 3506d210 d6ad 4155 86a8 53b740cf7815
52 points


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164 points

Biggest bottle opener in the world

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149 points

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