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Fun for the whole family.

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My 2.5 year old daughter’s nanny said she should use the word “foofoo” instead of “vagina”. My response:

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Going through my dads stuff and I found one of the most dad things I’ve ever seen.....

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Helping with alcoholism

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Amen to that.

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Well then.

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Works every time

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This eight-year-old is going places

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91 points

6 signs you're actually a cat

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My dad gave my fiancé a goat as dowry for our recent engagement as a joke

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Rookie numbers

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Ten Plagues Finger Puppets for Toddlers?!

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Body paint company is very aware

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56 points

Yup, the older I get, the weirder math gets

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50 points

Just met the happiest little fish!

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21 points

Win win win

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Hate that.

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The dangers of marijuana

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