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No, you don't get to choose

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89 points

Now with corn and flies

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92 points

This is a good deal guys

Preview dd54ac77 ae0b 467d 814b ed41c2e4301f
101 points

Bargain! Yes that white stuff is mould.

Preview e9a8feba 68ef 4f8d 8913 eed47d3b273a
90 points

Been looking all over for this..

Preview 2aaff27e 4219 4bfb b389 5025629f1ac6
85 points


Preview 80124565 5cf9 4800 8c22 ee27db523cd3
85 points

Mmm biscuits

Preview 2da0d701 7552 4d31 b71e 6202605baa0b
90 points

Taking yard sale signs to the next level!

Preview bb333ddd 52ae 4652 a507 43c2f4c4f975
89 points

A Q&A from the New York Daily Mirror, circa 1950s

Preview 4ef1912d b901 4951 b3f3 89dca1fb4456
84 points

The biggest crime ever!

Preview 27b81613 e431 434f b6b4 e627a981bd54
101 points

I love messing with Craigslist Scammers. They offer to purchase my items with fake checks, so I have them send me fake checks.

Preview 66f23832 20c9 4dca b188 f05b1ded1fe8
114 points

Dammit Grant...

Preview 05474084 3692 431a 8791 64c0a69235fc
97 points

My wife made this for our friend who has Asthma... speechless...

Preview 84114c7a 88ff 4300 845d fe60cdbf8b65
111 points

My nephew’s shirt is wearing out.

Preview 9996f353 3966 480b b559 d59b304f5f1b
79 points

Panic at the local second-hand store in Wellington.

Preview f4bf98bf 39aa 4e44 896c 1bb08046b846
88 points

This coconut water with an attitude

Preview 2d683185 a563 4941 a3c5 a84a0f512f70
76 points

Meanwhile, in china...

Preview fe48396f 1194 4243 a9cb 7da51f4b31b2
74 points

Seat belt reminder cheat.

Preview 50a78bcf 24ef 4b7e 9c6a b80d482033e7
78 points

Asian problems

Preview 15763727 fcde 4a92 849b 146dadaeb79d
77 points

Eggs anyone?

Preview 1e339690 5547 4eab a847 c2780af2d75a
85 points

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