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Ummmm.. ok.

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15 points

Good old days

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17 points

SUg hul

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14 points

Financial Freedom

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13 points

Found this dollar with a Declaration of Love written in 1985

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12 points

Hyperinflation: the $8 equivalent in Venezuelan currency

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11 points

Ah, back to school shopping.

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15 points

7th-3rd century B.C Peruvian storage jar at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC - PROOF OF TIME TRAVEL

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14 points

A patient admitted to the hospital I work at with respiratory distress coughed this up. Lung butter.

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16 points

Today the government started to sell legal marijuana in Uruguay.

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Am I crazy or is this a bit rude to people with OCD?

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19 points

So I was drinking some coconut water when suddenly...

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13 points

My mum tried to tell me Birds weren't animals this is what the internet said

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137 points

Low balling KIJIJI AD Prank Call


Surprise me

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2 points

It's the m'urican way

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2 points

No human can decipher this one

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85 points

What a poor guy

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9 points

Love this kitten and all your financial needs will be taken care of!

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