Everything tagged with money

:) how to win

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133 points

You've tried the cowboys..

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131 points

Medical humor

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169 points

The best Santa

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122 points

She found dads stash under the mattress

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108 points

Want sweets?

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154 points

Think about others!

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202 points

Yes, yes you are

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151 points

Accidentally Created Zombie Thomas Jefferson.

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176 points

I know I would’ve

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195 points

This lil tub pineapple cottage cheese has survived 5 years in our work fridge without being thrown out! I take a picture with it every anniversary.

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148 points

It's not rocket surgery.

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140 points

Nothing worse than slow internet

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130 points

Fun for the whole family

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104 points

Ordered a lens on eBay. Seller forgot to send the lens hood with it and sent it out separately. Sent me a note and a packet of crisps. What a legend!

Preview 8f9213ad ea2f 469e aa71 3208bff46574
147 points

June's a lucky girl

Preview f6ea019d 4d76 402d 93c1 691b6bfecda6
146 points

My favourite line from Toy story

Preview 8db12a37 c531 40b5 850d 5ffac4139b59
100 points

I hope you giggle as much as I did

Preview 254171f2 1ab9 4e72 b6d9 b1e99e1d999d
84 points

Jack on Pepper Jack

Preview da21e1b5 d0a0 402c b6f5 b850e3069525
91 points

We are what we eat....Vegetarians beware!

Preview 23b3443a 526b 4a5c b846 8d05b6a6968c
83 points

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