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I'd like to hear the story behind this

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I'm from Cumming, GA. This is a T-shirt from my favorite pizza place

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When you scratch one box and win $500

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( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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Kid's take on tornado safety

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Found all of this in one dumpster

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Found $100 in the gutter

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To the guy with the 351 year old coin. Here are my coins from the chocolate age.

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And then you eat your new friends

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For those rainy afternoons...

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Steve Harvey Asks Man What's The Last Thing He Stuck His Finger In And His Answer Is Explosive

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Had a patient check into the ER with some interesting symptoms. Briefly considered grabbing armfuls of antibiotics and making a run for it.

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O.O I found this stuff in our warehouse

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In my country we call those people branded miserable's

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This DIY Coin Sorting Machine Made From Cardboard Is Mesmerising

238 points

The correct way to request nudes

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179 points

My Wife's Shampoo vs. Mine

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This Woman Was A Successful Porn Star Earning $300K A Year And Driving A Ferrari, Now She’s A Pastor


Bill Gates has nothing on this guy..

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Doctor Franco's kit ....wait what?

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