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On this day in Reddit history...

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46 points

This is our life now

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76 points

Honesty is the best policy.

Preview 68cc7b43 baa3 4671 b7d9 ac2d40a6259c
89 points

Try Hard 2

Preview f9317aeb e4c8 499d 9dc5 49b5a8909948
77 points

Harrods are charging £80 for a bottle of ice berg water

Preview 9d901ff9 c1bb 4694 a1a0 f35ce8716f10
63 points

Tried the new Google Arts & Culture app four times... I just don't see it

Preview c31d0d45 8e8f 4d51 94f4 384f3fcc83a5
73 points

Guy paid with this while apologizing profusely.

Preview 76e64561 5976 4a81 b24b 9b2af3b6d1e4
78 points

Someone Wants To Be Fired

Preview 8b6a59a8 9da3 478f 84b7 216db2e0e605
85 points

Happy Columbus Day!

Preview 521fe889 61a2 4105 94ed bbf57f654aaf
59 points

This stunning portrait of Matt Damon

Preview 5c544459 f927 49e8 b6ed 8cf1d792023e
48 points

What a nice gift

Preview 52762cb6 ee36 4b7a a258 47846f6f4657
52 points

Old woman’s picture comically places next to this

Preview ae0ca176 f2f8 4e60 86e5 41bc63f98dfe
77 points

I'm still not going to eat it!

Preview d54759dd f311 41e9 afb7 5b04e2c1d567

The elite doesn't want you to taste the forbidden fruit!

Preview 715438bd 47ab 4fdc 8ea6 7d5af13f8d32
58 points

I Need A Firm Male Reproduction Organ

Preview 44eeb403 b9d4 4f68 a444 8ab7bf3408e2
63 points

My 10 year old drew this and it really gave me a good laugh

Preview 25b1994b a163 481d aeb5 840a9a1a4255
74 points

What if she's not faithful to her husband

Preview 3bc4b177 f061 402b b023 2bee6e3b1ee3
85 points

Sparkling teeth for Fine Arts majors.

Preview 706678c3 ca17 4276 846c 6fd7d69b0aa1
78 points

This character from my daughter's school book.

Preview 041d3bcd 1836 49b8 b350 ec262ac26a57
80 points

Not the kind of famous you'd want to be...

Preview 435cc051 7994 4412 83a2 84f405539021
72 points

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