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In my country we call those people branded miserable's

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230 points

This DIY Coin Sorting Machine Made From Cardboard Is Mesmerising

218 points

The correct way to request nudes

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151 points

My Wife's Shampoo vs. Mine

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147 points

This Woman Was A Successful Porn Star Earning $300K A Year And Driving A Ferrari, Now She’s A Pastor


Bill Gates has nothing on this guy..

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120 points

Doctor Franco's kit ....wait what?

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122 points

My friend just got this tip

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98 points

Thanks, my fellow Chinese

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269 points

1 MB RAM. I could run this on a f*cking toaster

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184 points

Heat menu

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134 points

My buddy sent me this 3 hours into his first work day at his new job...

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150 points

Whats the worst thing you have seen in festivals? I bet it wont top Uk

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510 points

I'm Canadian so I'm sorry eh.

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225 points

Walmart wants to know if you prefer skin or hole milk

Preview d0378543 4c0c 4bf3 b947 6355f2603f8a
148 points

Shouldnt have done that

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382 points

Always double check the measurements when purchasing home decor online.

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130 points

If I could be like Mike

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122 points

Adobe illustrator settings WTF?

Preview 4070e2f8 3e7a 45dc 8958 7e448472a15a
345 points


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