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If this doesn’t scream I need attention.

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you the future

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121 points

I wanted to play fortnite

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When you need the subtitles..

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This Steve Buscemi cat

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95 points

I am equally compelled and confused

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82 points

This is perfect

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Disney knows wats up

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86 points

Airplanes: an altered manual

Preview 9b76e41f 8309 4b35 a7b5 9912852c19db
89 points

"Oh, shit"

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Because blocking the screen isn't enough, I most also claw it!

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The difference 20 years makes

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107 points

Home tab at it again...

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100 points

"We need to show we're sponsored by FedEx." "No prob. I'll grab something off the Internet." -- Seen at the Millennium Hilton, Bangkok

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109 points

Hamster and sickle

Preview acf68355 4507 4c50 bfd5 1cbd67e9daeb
84 points

10 out of 10

Preview 6fc1fb11 a26a 48de 9e27 1ff5f52dbca4
55 points

How do you even get that title?

Preview 04d6ffe8 084b 4ff4 9fe9 de745e522cd6
76 points

Our teacher was struggling to find where her pdf is every time. So we made this.

Preview 98d4dbd9 6d2b 4119 8de5 06a2e71010e4
63 points

I know what you are...

Preview 48a5de29 43eb 4845 b468 3951cdd1566e
107 points

What a good excuse for not completing homework

Preview 1041726a 3ff9 4e42 a8e0 80ba63ad0aaf

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