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76 points

EA customer service

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69 points

Some say it doesn't count as a Christmas movie.

Preview fa85d1f9 212b 4f58 ba52 f566627d03a2

Oh a Home Alone Marathon.

Preview 66bf18b8 8258 4818 baa0 971c9ddb788f

Well, that escalated quickly.

Preview 9bfae9aa 581d 4b11 aa95 02218bbb27fb
24 points

How to make friends on public transport.

Preview 31226fda c1b3 4c43 b7f0 157054dfee73
20 points

This is my cat. I can't watch FIRST 48..

Preview 65676bb0 afd3 4c6e b4a3 0b4cc5bd2a82

No matter how often I put her down, she immediately gets right back in front of the TV.

Preview 70afc236 f212 417d 9865 124832255080


Preview c54a5599 7897 4384 a826 ca8a14104647
101 points

Too much free time

Preview 912c6e79 6ebc 4690 9fa6 48079edf2985
95 points

The Nerf war at my office has become a game of readiness...

Preview 0eb1d4ae bfce 4732 8952 e47ccda4f042
67 points

Bird rests on score board or does it?

Preview 3e591b71 ac79 40ba 96be 8216f1ea6f28

His eyes say it all.

Preview f2ca3796 6f2e 4e08 bc5b 7599e744599e
101 points

Cat are evil

Preview 2720d50d 3973 4a2e b0ca d12d3b039a57
65 points

Does this upvote make me lucky or unlucky?

Preview fdb7f12d 5f01 49e3 ab08 b01bdc4db048

She also farted.

Preview d388398e ffbd 40ad 85cc 8aced99e1bea

Nicholas cage

Preview 297dbec2 abf6 436e 9dd8 8079239662da
66 points

Dickface decided I didn't need to see what I was working on

Preview 510decf7 c9b8 4842 b244 bea9f4905f74

Zeus is on the prowl again

Preview 386bf2a0 5dc6 4f42 ab1c a12921794d48
39 points

Roommate snapped this pic of a guy taking notes in class

Preview 3e3eb16d 8a2c 4e39 a251 58e2a9b44b29
87 points

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