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Cat has a sneeze, because doesn't want me to have full view of the TV.

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Asked wife how the visit to the vet was going....

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83 points

When you can’t do work

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AFL, Rugby International & World Cup Soccer. Then flicking between the international Cricket & V8 supercars. It’s a BUSY night

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172 points

His favorite spot when I’m watching tv

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Disney needs to explain themselves

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114 points

Don't leave a bottled smoothie out of the fridge over the weekend

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99 points

If this doesn’t scream I need attention.

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you the future

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141 points

I wanted to play fortnite

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When you need the subtitles..

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This Steve Buscemi cat

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120 points

Brians not bombs

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162 points

I am equally compelled and confused

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113 points

This is perfect

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105 points

Disney knows wats up

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104 points

Airplanes: an altered manual

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109 points

"Oh, shit"

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Because blocking the screen isn't enough, I most also claw it!

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