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Nicholas cage

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61 points

Dickface decided I didn't need to see what I was working on

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Zeus is on the prowl again

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21 points

Roommate snapped this pic of a guy taking notes in class

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80 points

When you bought a PS4 instead of a Switch but still want to play Skyrim on the go

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53 points

Brother-in-law got rear-ended in the parking lot. When he went to talk to the other driver...

Preview a4c60ef3 3be9 46f5 9124 75878b299699

Holy plumbus, your sister, Morty!

Preview af3b22e1 9b1f 43fa 90cc 5fbc45a5aa6a
61 points

User Interface Dev team at Hulu

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70 points

Is he holding it with his mustache?

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71 points

May the force be with you.

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19 points

20 years can make a big difference

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23 points

F**king Timmy

Preview 7ac43630 2b65 49ca ab04 a9adc95714be
99 points

400+ upvotes, still fresh?

Preview c5e58e27 379b 479e afdf 514fbea60411
19 points

Yeah f*ck this science guy

Preview 6774b527 8de8 4c61 b1f9 29d9d0bcf3a4
3 points

Danny is on to something

Preview a5fe1ffa c217 43ca bd5a 7ca4803d6e74
2 points

Police pigeons taking a bath

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3 points

*laughs in gaming*

Preview 98b41d70 acff 402b 974b bb881eda86ff
3 points

Is this the world's hottest nurse? Meet Fran Suarez

Preview be8a13c8 7672 4040 8cda 679b21b25d9e
3 points

17 Bizarre Facts About Iceland

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