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Some men just want to see the world burn!

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19 points

American education in a nutshell

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15 points

Female Daniel Radcliffe

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11 points

Every daamn time....

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10 points

My first meme, let me kow what you think.. huehue

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3 points

Lawn mowers are strong

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1 points

Friendzone constitution article 999

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115 points

My favorite Xmas pastime

Preview f1f5c16a 3bd1 45e3 8a8f 0c59c2d1331c

Well, better late than never.

Preview 5a569325 6612 4463 ab03 a7637bbce61d

Someone upload all pokemon sun & moon episodes on pornhub

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70 points

Star wars memes are the best

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1 points

Nosferatu may

Preview 1c96e133 d34f 4d82 ae5e 77cd431cd189
1 points

Windows has successfully installed itself 2.56 times.

Preview 22872b76 206c 485f a7a6 ff350be04fd2
7 points

When your professor starts paying attention...

Preview efc4c2a1 e0cb 40f6 b1a7 c7cb07a6f24e
5 points

We there yet?

Preview d35fb61a c8f2 4612 b6e5 af81efd7120f
4 points

I'd rather be cold

Preview c84b98d7 0727 454f 9a8a 592ea9411b7e
2 points

Write something with "coronum cortex" above.

Preview f5f826fd 4106 49fe 9642 4b0cc22d4456
2 points

This isn't getting old yet...right?

Preview 079596fa 7c12 4a98 a0e5 382eb2cb89dd
5 points

This guy's caption tho ..😂😂😂😂

Preview 2d37a781 1d53 4686 81ea 656eeba39243
3 points

Now I can die in peace.

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