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I think she sees something I don't

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Monkey don't give a damn


Your daily dose of fun!

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An interesting look at a monkey giving birth

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Finally some truth!

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Monkey pees on motorcycle and that is just the beginning.


Sitting in the "Devil's Armchair" at the top of the largest waterfall in the world


Funny prank call to RACIST pizza guy


My friend's trail camera caught a deer in the middle of giving birth to a fawn.

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21 is a good number

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Name this animal ?

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So accurate.

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Monkey mafia steal your stuff, then sell it back for a cracker


It smiles! *forbidden to insert cancer*

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This monkey doesn't care.


Monkey pushes baby monkey into water

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There's always one in the group

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Parker I want that picture of Spiderman on my desk by noon!

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True feelings

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