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Coming up with boner puns is hard

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Dats me in the future

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64 points

Trust me, I'm a doctor

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9 points

You are dangerously beautiful.

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12 points

Wait what

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In the 30's people used these things because they thought babies need to be "aired".

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Neo Pizza

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Henry Ford

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84 points

I see you cast of Game of thrones and raise you Friends' cast (early 1980's)

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13 points

Hope it's not floppy.

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Thanks to him...

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14 points

And yet they still call him the hound \_(¤ _ ¤)_/

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Hope it's not floppy.

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Arya: I'm coming to the North Jon: I'm leaving the North

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68 points

I posted this five years ago on facebook, still relevant.

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49 points

Such opportunities don't come often

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11 points

Archmaester Slughorn

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organized crime

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7 points

Organized crime

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