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*confused screaming*

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This would be my response to her leaving for sure

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123 points

What goes around comes back around

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Willie R. Fisher was a 150 pound 6-year-old boy exhibited at the Cheshire County Fair in 1874 because of his extreme weight.

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Woke up tired today.

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Grammar is important

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#tb to when I climbed an awesome 40 storey crane in east London.

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A man for the times

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What? who?

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Well that was unexpected

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The library of the faculty of law of the University of Zurich

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Describes me perfectly

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Sometimes its the only answer

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Each semester I put new images on my office door, here's the latest one.

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Optical Illusion at it's best

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Somebody has to do it!

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A very interesting photo I found laying around at my University’s library.

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