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Such opportunities don't come often

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9 points

Archmaester Slughorn

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organized crime

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6 points

Organized crime

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4 points

The most ineffective anti-smoking ad ever

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11 points

Back in the days...

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236 points

Can you tell I love my home country Finland?

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Savage level Marie Skłodowska Curie

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1 points

Don't let your dreams be dreams

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1 points

So I saw a post about a B-17 crewman putting out a fire in the plane with pee, and I decided to tell another interesting story.

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0 points

Every doggo is a good boy

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3 points

Poor Placement

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0 points

With 37°C outside, he is my new favorite person

Preview 16348877 bdde 45c8 abd8 414e11ee21ec
6 points

I was smarter than the others

Preview 07215a5d fe03 479c b644 217db4e7cd70
2 points

Funny racism meme

Preview 992e0326 0dd0 49cd afb3 91fde90771ad
3 points

They hate us coz they ain't us

Preview 300c3b48 4fe1 4fff 89fc 90b9a77657c9
2 points

Peaceful religions

Preview d86d6f9f 5f60 49c2 839e 705c30491ec7
0 points

Because... #Equality.

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4 points

Old and rare photos of celebrities hanging out together

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