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This is one of the villains from my world :)

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63 points

Burglar prank on dog


Stop taking a photo and help me~~!!!

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22 points

"This Stereoscope" Scary Short Horror Film Will Give You Multiple Shocks (Disturbing Graphics)

131 points


Preview c4939179 6d23 4a8b bae4 c900a8251064
58 points

If you think about it...

Preview 8dbd0018 5b4a 41b4 81d1 742dd2f04b74
66 points

Dramatic big wave surfer rescue


Minecraft physics

Preview f9e6494e 640f 4fa7 ae37 9921bd81a19a
9 points

I was able to do so much in just 5-Hours..


And that's how camels are made

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11 points

Nice Picture, but sad truth

Preview ec0af290 1d9c 4fc2 955f 7996d3465d04
20 points

Too far ahead, too far.

Preview b47e8587 f0c0 4cf5 a4c8 16d7e0295ca9
24 points

"Stranger Things" Season 2 Comic Con "Thriller" Trailer Is Giving You Goosebumps


If cows are holy animals in india. is cow poop holy shit?

Preview 6d768670 d20b 4b6b 97f5 9bf830e4bc35
21 points

Besides the good ones that are being uploaded

Preview 32b7c191 5c65 4ed9 8e31 435e52c90050
15 points

Skyrim belongs to nords

Preview 2a6c275f b900 4156 81a5 8e4052bb0b8a
22 points

Got a point there!

Preview f98e9c27 da3d 488b 85eb db0a8ffb365b
14 points

That took me long time to think about it

Preview c33a9295 e288 4e52 846f d3ca32818d3b
78 points

Since everyone is discovering Shoebills I want them to know they are cold heartless monsters


That's been in my head for a while

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